What's next?

The Anarchy Trilogy - Part Two

In the second part of the trilogy, Geoffrey de Mortagne is called to support the Count of Anjou. Having settled in his new manor in Perche, he leaves Alleyne to look after it. As he still doesn't trust her completely, he is both relieved and annoyed at the distraction of extended warfare. His travels take him across Normandy, and back to England where the Empress's situation there has become more precarious. Meeting Will d'Arques in a melee, he hopes to rid himself of his enemy once and for all.

Just as Alleyne de Bellac has finally acknowledged her love for Geoffrey, he disappears for long periods of time. Her nerves frayed, both with worry about Geoffrey's safety and her own manor of Bellac still in Will's hands, she follows a lead into Will's past. Shocked at her narrow escape, she sets out to destroy his reputation. But Will has friends who stop at nothing to help his schemes.

Part Two (as yet unnamed) begins where Dark Deceit ends, in mid-1141. The Count of Anjou lays waste to much of Normandy, and the Empress is chased from London. Skirmishes, towns under siege, an exchange of prisoners, and a dark secret men will kill to keep.

Captured by the Knight

Captured by the Knight (working title) is a historical romantic novella set in 1298, during the Scottish Wars of Independence. After defeat at Falkirk, Cailean, a young knight, arrives in time to rescue Isobel, a Highland lady, from the mercenaries who had abducted her. But is his taking her to the safety of his castle on the remote isle of Mull not simply another abduction?

This will be the second instalment in The Highland Chronicles, a series of historical romance novels set in different time periods in the Highlands of Scotland. The first in the series is Highland Arms.