Book Blitz: Claire Yezbak Fadden ~ Promises to Keep


I'm kicking off a new round of hosting Novel Book ToursBook Blitz tours again. Please help me welcome author Claire Yezbak Fadden to my blog. You'll find out more about Claire, and her new novel, Promises to Keep, below. And don't forget that you can win a $10 Amazon voucher!


Love, Secrets, and Lies…

Kate Jameson married the man of her dreams. Her real-life hero. A man who wouldn’t abandon her the way her father had. Or so she thought. Weeks after their son’s birth, her husband is suddenly pulled away for a business trip that takes him out of the country. But something isn’t right. His truths aren’t adding up. Kate digs into his past, determined to learn what he’s hiding. But unraveling this endless mystery draws her into a maze of lies, family secrets and deadly consequences.

For twenty years, undercover CIA agent Eric Wiley lived for one reason—to avenge his parents’ brutal deaths. Until he marries Kate. Eric promises her a life of love and commitment, but co…

An April weather Easter weekend

Belated Happy Easter wishes! 🐣

I hope you enjoyed precious time with your families. We did, with our four-legged 'babies’!

On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to see the sun all day, so, after putting the washing on so it can dry outside, we took Ellie Dog on a 2-hour walkie along the Canal du Midi, close to our home.

The path on one side is wide enough for us to walk and chat, however, the other side – our return from the lock – was narrow, and often overgrown. Still, quite an adventure, especially when we spotted the gorgeous views that reached as far as the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees.

Ellie loved her exploration, but she was completely zonked out afterwards, enjoying the sunshine in the garden. One happy girl.

And even hubby and I managed to relax a little in the garden on our return, with a delicious Aperol Spritz. I had a chance to catch up on re-reading Dark Deceit, alongside some research material, Stephen and Matilda by Jim Bradbury. Yes, I'm plotting the long-…

And I'm back!

Hello again, bonjour & guten Tag!

It's been a while, hasn't it? I know. Much has happened in the last 1 1/2 years. Writing, editing, teaching novel writing, moving house again, losing and gaining pets – where do I start?!

I take it you've visited my website You'll have seen my latest updates. My new literary 'baby', Love Lost in Time, has a fabulous cover. Unfortunately, I've still some writing to do, but it'll be finished soon.

As I'm about to embark on new adventures – expanding my editing business and looking to offer novel writing courses online and possibly here, in Carcassonne in the (usually) sunny south of France – my aim is also to finally write the sequel to Dark Deceit. Yes, I know. It's been a loooong time coming, but my lovely readers deserve to know what happens next. And I promise it won't take me nine years to write, like Dark Deceit!
As for pets, we sadly lost gorgeous Toby Cat one afternoon in Novembe…

Time to move on...

Ahh, I've had this lovely blog for over six years years, but now it's time to move to new adventures. Not just physically – as we have done, from Scotland to France – but also digitally. I've had a makeover! ;-)

I wish to thank all my lovely followers, who've commented to and shared the posts over the years – and especially all those lovely writers who have visited and who brought with them so much knowledge, humour, romance, suspense, and literary delights. It has been a pleasure hosting you on my little blog.

I have tried to incorporate the content into my new website, but it being WP-based, it didn't work properly. I'm gutted. Therefore, I'm leaving this site 'live' for readers to be able to find the many fascinating posts in online searches. It would be a waste to hide them!

As for me, I would be delighted if you would follow me to my new website at, either to my new blog or my newsletters. I'm planning to host auth…

Welcome to author Kathy Sharp!

Today, I'm delighted to welcome author Kathy Sharp. Her novel, All the Wild Weather, the third instalment in her fabulous 'Larus' trilogy, is released today. Many congratulations, Kathy!

I'm handing over to Kathy to tell us more about that elusive island of Larus and its quirky inhabitants. Make sure to check out the trilogy on Amazon and other outlets. 

Over to Kathy!
Hello, Cathie, and thank you for the opportunity to talk to your readers.
A couple of summers ago I made a visit to Portsmouth. I had reached an impasse with the book I was working on, All the Wild Weather. It’s a seagoing sort of story, and I hoped a couple of days immersing myself in all things maritime might kick off the creative process once more.
So off I went, and had a wonderful time in Portsmouth, clambering about HMS Victory with my mouth open in awe, trying not to confuse my trenails with my trunnions. Even in dry dock with her rigging taken down for repair, the old ship was a remarkable link wi…