Promo: The Unquiet Spirit by Penny Hampson

I’m thrilled to share an excerpt today from a novel I had a sneak peek at, and thoroughly enjoyed: The Unquiet Spirit by Penny Hampson. If you love paranormal romantic mysteries with a dark side, this one's for you!

Dr Kate Wilson has moved down to Cornwall to live in the old house she’s recently inherited from her godmother. We meet her after a long day, she’s about to close the curtains and go to bed when something catches her notice.Kate held her breath as a figure stepped out of the trees. Whoever it was moved in a furtive way, stopping and starting, as if afraid of being discovered. But what set Kate’s pulse racing was the fact that the figure appeared to be wearing a cloak – it was as if a drawing from a history book had stepped off the pages and come alive. The cloaked figure moved into a shaft of moonlight and that’s when Kate gasped. She could see straight through the apparition to the trees and shrubs beyond. As if aware that it was being observed, the figure turn…

Promo: Someday in Paris by Olivia Lara

I'm delighted to take part in Olivia Lara’s blog tour for her novel, Someday in Paris, organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.Olivia is sharing an enticing excerpt. If you love epic love stories, this one’s for you...
Someday in Paris
By Olivia Lara
Excerpt:What makes people fall in love? Truly in love? What makes them believe they’ve found the one, their soulmate? And why that person and not someone else?What draws us in and never lets us go? Is it their eyes, their smile, their voice? The way they fit into our world? Is it because our parents like them and our friends think we’d make a great couple? Or maybe they make us laugh, have a good job, and want two kids like we do?What if it has nothing to do with that? What if it is something else entirely?I was fifteen the first time I asked myself this question. It was then that I had my first dream that didn’t feel quite like a dream. My mother said women in our family are special. She said I should listen to my dreams, but I was young…

Promo: The Promise by Kathleen Harryman & Lucy Marshall

Today, I'm sharing an enticing excerpt from The Promise, a WWII historical romance by Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall. Have a read!Thank you to Mary Anne Yarde of The Coffee Pot Book Club.

The Promise - A World War II Historical Romanceby Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall 
Excerpt:Chapter 3Rose Elliot 1940
Whitby, England 
“Where are you taking me in such an all fired hurry?” I gasped. “You’ll see.” I followed Will down some steps, not that I had much of a choice in the matter. We made our way down into the cellar. The lights had been left on, and there were several beer barrels littering the room. I looked around the dusty, dirty place and wrinkled my nose in distaste. I didn’t want to get my dress filthy. I could just make out the beat of the music as it vibrated through the floorboards, to the ceiling of the cellar. I wanted to be back up there dancing. My green dress swishing around my ankles. My feet moving to the beat of the music. I hadn’t had a chance to dance with Jimmy…

Review: The Return of the Disappearing Duke by Lara Temple

I’m delighted to share my review of another of Lara Temple’s intriguing historical romance novels. Today, it’s of The Return of the Disappearing Duke. My thanks goes to Rachel’s Random Resources for a copy.Happy Publication Day to Lara Temple!
As in The Lord's Inconvenient Vow, we’re straight into the action beneath the hot African sun.When Cleopatra Osbourne, dressed as a boy, runs into the lodgings of Rafe Grey to escape men chasing after her, she doesn’t immediately expect to find a man who agrees to take her to Cairo in search of her brother. What she expects even less is the attraction she feels towards this scarred, cynical man!To escape the rogues following her, she remains in disguise. As they travel through the desert, neither can deny that they are drawn to each other. Two misfits on the fringes of society.What Cleopatra doesn’t know is that Rafe is not just the mercenary he makes out to be. He has a dukedom waiting for him in England following his father’s death, but he&…

Promo: The Devil's Crossing by Hana Cole

Today, I'm sharing an intriguing excerpt from The Devil's Crossing by Hana Cole as part of her blog tour with the Coffee Pot Book Club. We're heading to medieval France. There's just so much history! And this one looks very interesting. I'm going to look it up.I hope you enjoy the enticing excerpt from The Devil’s Crossing!

Excerpt:PrologueThat evening, drawn by the noise from the streets below, Gui laid aside his manuscript and peered over the balcony. Three men shuffled in irons behind a plough horse. The prisoners had been sentenced to suffer for their own good. The purifying flame would cleanse their souls, and bestow a last chance of salvation before the fires of Hell. Although he had been clerk to the inquisitor for weeks now, this was the first time that he had witnessed a blood punishment and seen the faces of the convicts; faces just like any other. Among them, he knew, was Estève Le Coudray. A salt merchant from the Languedoc with a kind face and a hearty …