Review: The Rebel Heiress and the Knight by Melissa Oliver

Today, I have the pleasure to review The Rebel Heiress and the Knight, the debut novel from author, Melissa Oliver

My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for a copy of the novel.


An heiress with a secret. A knight loyal to his king. A secret that could tear them apart.

When Hugh de Villiers is sent north, to visit the lady of Tallany Castle about some outlaws that steal money from the king's tax collectors, little does he know the real reason King John sent him there – to marry the widow. Shocked, but also intrigued by the beautiful, headstrong widow, Hugh does as he is bid. 

Eleanor of Tallany does not want to wed, but finds she has no choice. Her first husband mistreated her, and she'd managed very well on her own. But she acquiesces and marries Hugh, even though she carries a secret with her that he must never know.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast ride through medieval northern England. The author has clearly done her research, and you get a real sense of place and time.…

Research: Tony Riches – the life of Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk

Today, I have a treat in store for fans of the Tudors and the Tudor era. 

Historical fiction author, Tony Riches, shares his research into the life of a remarkable lady I hadn’t heard of before: Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk. A brave lady who, without doubt, had to fear for her life repeatedly over the years.

Find out why...

Understanding the life of Katherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk
I began exploring the life of Katherine Willoughby when writing about her first husband, Charles Brandon. With typical panache, Brandon borrowed the money to buy the wardship of nine-year-old Katherine, who’d become Baroness Willoughby de Eresby on the death of her father – and one of the wealthiest heiresses in England.
He claimed his plan was to secure her as a bride for his son and heir, Henry, (named after the king) yet I suspect the truth was a little different. Charles Brandon’s wife, Mary Tudor, Dowager Queen of France (and the king’s little sister) suffered with a debilitating ‘pain in her side’…

Promo: Counterpoint: Henry, the King's Cavalier by Elizabeth St.John

Today, I’m delighted to share a promotion for Counterpoint: Henry, the King’s Cavalier, by historical fiction author, Elizabeth St.John, as part of her blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club

If you’re into the history of 17th-century England, the Stuarts, and the English Civil War, Elizabeth’s fascinating and well-researched The Lydiard Chronicles series is for you. Counterpoint: Henry, the King’s Cavalier is a linked short story. 

COUNTERPOINT:  Henry, the King’s Cavalier 
(The Lydiard Chronicles: 1603-1664)
By Elizabeth St.John
A man may think his life is only measured by battles fought for the king. Until he meets a woman worth fighting for.
Henry Wilmot. Cavalier. Seasoned soldier. Grieving widower. On the eve of battle he is sent by the king to requisition arms. What he did not expect was that the supplies were a gift from a feisty and attractive widow who was hiding her own Royalist beliefs in plain sight. Even more alarming was that his quest took him into the heart of an ene…

Promo: Ephemera by Jennifer C. Wilson

Today, I’m thrilled to point the spotlight on a good author friend – Jennifer C. Wilson
My thanks to Mary Anne Yarde of The Coffee Pot Book Club for the details. 

Jennifer’s latest release is called Ephemera, a collection of short stories all linked to her bestselling Kindred Spirits series, published through Darkstroke Books.

If you fancy a read involving dead people – kings, queens and other persons of interest – you would love the Kindred Spirits books. Full of intrigues, humour and old rivalries, it’s a real treat for history nuts. 

So check out Ephemera

Kindred Spirits: Ephemera
by Jennifer C. Wilson

The afterlife is alive with possibility…
In this collection of stories, we follow kings and queens as they make important (and history-defying) visits, watch a football game featuring the foulest of fouls, and meet a host of new spirits-in-residence across the British Isles and beyond. 

Be transported to ancient ruins, a world-famous cemetery, and a new cathedral, and catch up with old fr…

Review: Crusader's Path by Mary Ann Bernal

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another read I can highly recommend: Crusader’s Path by Mary Ann Bernal!

I’m delighted to take part in this blog tour organised by The Coffee Pot Book Club. 

Crusader’s Path is a gripping historical novel that goes into great detail – a real treat for those with an interest in the First Crusade and the late 11th century in general.

We meet several characters along the way, all with their own burdens:

Avielle: A young woman with the skills of a healer. When she falls in love with Gideon, a young Jewish man in denial about his religious heritage, she sets a series of events in motion that lead her to join Peter of Amiens on his crusade. 

Etienne: A young knight, landholder and liege man of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, at whose side he remains rather than looking after his estate. Unable to stay in the confines of his home and marriage, Etienne follows the duke’s call to go on crusade. 

Duke Robert of Normandy: Always fighting for his rights against tw…