Review: The Lord's Inconvenient Vow by Lara Temple

I’m delighted to take part in another fabulous book blog tour. Today’s review is for a fabulous romance novel called, The Lord’s Inconvenient Vow by Lara Temple
Many thanks, again, to Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me take part.

My review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, which is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone. It begins in Egypt, where Lady Samantha meets Lord Edward Edgerton again, after many years. The incredible backdrop of ancient historic sites sets the scene beautifully, and it immediately hooked me. As the days go by, their flirty banter hides deeper feelings neither are ready to explore. When Edge announced his engagement to Dora, Sam is distraught and withdraws from him, to follow her mother to Venice for the season.
Eight years later, widowed after a disappointing marriage, Sam returns to Egypt, only to stumble across Edge again. He’s searching for his brother who has been leading him on a wild-goose chase. Sam realises that if he leaves again, she …

Meet the Ocelots: An Interview with Frédéric from Overture

Welcome to this second instalment in our Meet the Ocelots Blog Hop! We hope you enjoy our posts and meeting our characters.

I’m delighted to introduce you to a handsome, well-mannered Frenchman, Frédéric Grandcourt. He is an important character in Vanessa Couchman’s wonderful novel, Overture, which tells us about how Marie-Thérèse, a country girl from rural Aveyron, ends up in Paris and pursues her love of singing. You can discover which role Frédéric plays in Marie-Thérèse’s life in the book. It’s well worth a read!
I’m welcoming him into my salon which I have designed to meet his approval. Imagine beautiful French furnishings, cushioned chairs and chaise longues and damask drapes surrounding the double doors to the garden. 
Bonjour, Frédéric. How lovely to meet you! I have heard many great things about you from Marie-Thérèse. Please make yourself comfortable.  May I offer you a refreshment? 
Frédéric: Thank you, Madame, or may I call you Cathie? You wouldn’t by any chance have a glass of…

Pleasant surprises: an award and a longlist

After having had keyhole surgery to remove an inflamed gallbladder, followed by an overnight stay in hospital where I remained hooked up to a drain for the blood caused by the operation (ouch!), I've been rather dopey the least six days. The first three days I just rested, my intake of high-dose painkillers making sure I didn't do anything but eat soup and sleep. Then I slowly started to lower the tablets I'm taking, and I'm now down to two. One strong one and a weaker one. Hopefully by the weekend, it'll just be the weak ones left...

So it came to no surprise that I didn't access my laptop for half a week. I know! Unheard of! 

And when I did, a wonderful email awaited me: A Highland Captive has received the Chill with a Book Readers Award! 😍

What a boost to my muddled brain! I'm so delighted the Chill with a Book readers have thought so highly of A Highland Captive for it to be included in their awards. Thank you so much for your time and your kind words in …

Love Lost in Time: now on pre-order!

I have exciting news:

Love Lost in Time is finally available on pre-order from Amazon through Ocelot Press
It’ll be released on 28th November 2019, my 11th wedding anniversary. Thrilled to bits!

Based partly on a true story, Love Lost in Time is a dual-timeline mystery set in the late 8th century and the present day, right here in the Languedoc in south-west France.

The ’true story’ part is the bit where my present-day character, Maddie, finds several old bones under her kitchen floor. This happened to my former neighbours in a small Minervois village – they even showed me some remnants of bones and parts of a cranium. Needless to say, it inspired a plot, and Love Lost in Time is the result!

Sadly, no paranormal activity was observed by the neighbours, even though our houses stood on the grounds of an ancient Merovingian graveyard. I love graveyards, so I didn’t mind. So any paranormal activity is entirely down to my imagination. 

The ’historic’ part of the novel is set in Carcassonne fro…

Review: Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke

I’m thrilled to share my review of Nicole Locke’s intriguing romance, Secrets of a Highland Warrior, as part of the author's blog tour with Rachel’s Random Resources

As you will know, I love a gripping Highlander romance, and Secrets of a Highland Warrior did not disappoint. A Highlander in search of his rightful place, a healer who keeps a long-held secret, and a remote setting in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Perfect!
The year is 1293, and Rory Lochmore travels to clan McCrieff whose lands are bordering theirs. After a feud running for decades, the Lochmores supported King John Balliol, so King Edward I has granted parts of McCrieff lands to the Lochmores, and Rory arrives to claim it.
What Rory doesn’t expect is for the chief of the McCrieffs, Hamish, to lie ill, unresponsive, and for the tanist to agree to the king’s demand – but under one condition: Rory is to marry Ailsa, his daughter!
Ailsa, healer and tanist’s daughter, is headstrong and blunt. Unusual for women o…