Carcassonne in winter...

This is our third winter in this beautiful part of France, and our first full winter living in Carcassonne, after two years in the Minervois on the plain. And yes, it’s been cold here too! 😉

In recent weeks, the peaks of the Pyrenees and the Montagne Noire were covered in beautiful snow, but yesterday was a rebel day: the temperatures rose to 16C here in Carcassonne, and up to 25C in the plain of the Languedoc. 'Tout le monde' (everyone) was outside walking, sitting in cafés and just soaking in the the sun.

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon walk up to la cité with our dog, to enjoy a small bottle of rosé on the large food square, Place Marcou. And it was heaving there. As the sun set over the buildings, the crowd moved with it. At first, one particular restaurant was full of people, but later, new arrivals picked their seats in the sunshine, and so another place got all the business. Fun to watch...

The river Aude was still high, probably from melting snow and recent heavy rai…

My Place: The Tower of London by Samantha Wilcoxson

Today, I'm returning to one of my favourite places, courtesy of historical fiction author, Samantha Wilcoxson: the Tower of London! I can't see it often enough, and I try to visit whenever I'm in London. Yet, I also find it interesting to read other writers’ experiences of their visits. 

So, over to Samantha without much further ado...


My Place: The Tower of London By Samantha Wilcoxson for Cathie Dunn I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the Tower of London in November 2015. So much history has been witnessed by these stone walls that I wish I could hear them whisper their story. The Tower is a significant setting, for both good times and bad, in my Plantagenet Embers series due to its varied history as royal palace, fortress, and prison.
If you have not visited the Tower or other castles, you may not realize that the setting is much more like an enclosed village than a single structure. Our romanticized vision of a castle more closely resembles a standard castle kee…

Highland Arms: a new cover!

In light of expanding my Highland Chronicles series of historical romantic adventure tales set in different eras across the beautiful Highlands and islands of Scotland, I have decided to adjust the cover of Highland Arms to match the theme, the atmosphere, of my upcoming release, A Highland Captive. So I’m excited to share it here for the first time!

Published through Ocelot PressHighland Arms is now available exclusively on Amazon, and is free to read to subscribers of Amazon Prime.

"Exciting blend of danger and romance"

"The author has a wonderful way of describing the highlands." ~ Booked Up Reviews

Escape to the Highlands!

Betrayed by her brother’s lies, Catriona MacKenzie is banished from her home to her godmother’s manor in the remote Scottish Highlands. While her father ponders her fate, Catriona’s insatiable curiosity leads her straight into trouble – and into the arms of a notorious Highlander.

Five years after an ill-fated Jacobite rebellion, Rory Cameron…

My Place: Discover Jekyll Island with DK Marley

Today, I'm delighted to welcome back historical fiction author DK Marley, who is telling us about a place with an intriguing name: Jekyll Island! A place full of history – and bittersweet memories!

Let's find out what it is about...

You Will Always Come Back by D. K. Marley Jekyll Island, Georgia, U. S. A. There is a favorite saying about Jekyll Island. Many of the locals say “You will always come back, once you step your foot on the island.” For me, this proved true, for I first set my foot upon Jekyll Island over twenty-five years ago and have returned year after year until the Fall of 2012 when I took the plunge and moved to the area.

What can I say about the beauty of this place? Sometimes words fail me when I think of Jekyll. I have so many memories here. Year after year taking my kids to play at the beach, watching them splash in the waves with their little Scottie dog running after them. We would laugh and laugh as he bit the waves and rolled in the sand until he looked l…

A Highland Captive, now on pre-order!

It's finally time for some fantastic news:

I'm so thrilled to share that A Highland Captive is now online, on pre-order at Amazon, for only 99p / 99c. So head over there now and reserve your copy:

It will be released into the wild on 3rd March 2019!



Cailean MacDubhgaill, a knight from a small western island fighting for the Scottish cause, joins the battle at Falkirk but is wounded when he takes a blow to the thigh by an axe. Sir Eoín de Moray, uncle to his late friend, the former guardian, Andrew, helps him escape the carnage and takes him into a nearby forest, but is killed whilst fighting off pursuers.

Once Cailean has recovered from his injuries with the help of the healer Eithne, he rushes to de Moray’s manor on the northern shores of Loch Ness to convey the news to de Moray’s daughter, Isobel, but he is too late. He finds the manor burnt down, its people displaced, and Isobel abducted. Determined to honour the knight who h…