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Spotlight: Never on Saturday by Sue Barnard

Today, I'm delighted to welcome my friend Sue Barnard – terrific author, award-winning poet, and editor extraordinaire – to my blog. Her wonderful novella, Never on Saturday , is released through  Ocelot Press today.  Over to Sue to tell us more about Never on Saturday !  Today (15th December 2020), a new title joins the Ocelot Press catalogue.  Never on Saturday is a timeslip romance novella with a hint of mystery and a touch of the paranormal.  It is set partly in medieval France and partly in present-day North Wales, and is based on an old French legend. Unfortunately I can’t be more specific at this stage about the legend itself, as that would give away too much about the story.   Blurb: Two stories, two heartbreaks: one past, one present… Leaving her native France and arriving in North Wales as a postgraduate student of History and Folklore, Mel is cautiously optimistic that she can escape from her troubled past and begin a new and happier life.   She settles into her stud

Fill your boots in the Jolabokaflod Christmas Giveaway

I'm taking part in a wonderful Christmas Blog Hop: we're celebrating the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod ! Yes, it's all about books for Yule.  Throughout December, our group of historical fiction writers will give away free copies of our books, or offer them at reduced rates , for you to enjoy over the festive season! Make sure later to check the link at the end of this post to find all the other exciting, fascinating posts from my writer friends! The joy of gifts! But first, let me tell you a bit about what the 5th December meant to me when I was a child... Benvenuto di Giovanni December 6th is the feast day of St Nicholas (in the West; Eastern churches, where he is more popular, celebrate him on December 19th). The early Christian bishop is said to have died on 6th December AD 343.  It was said that, on his parents’ death, he gave away their wealth to the poor. He was also recorded as helping an impoverished man with the dowry for his three daughters, in that Nichol