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Promo: Silver Season by Jen Black

Today, I'm delighted to share a new release by my historical fiction and romance author friend, Jen Black . Her new novel, Silver Season , is out today. Many congratulations, Jen!  Discover an intriguing story that you won't forget that easily!  Silver Season by Jen Black Publication: 27th November 2020 Blurb:   Set in the heady heatwave summer of 1911, Silver Season shows how one risky act can ruin a family or be the thing that holds everything together.  “Can betrayal ever save a marriage?” Ellen Montgomery, born in Boston, USA, has married the heir to the 5th Marquess of Durrington in Yorkshire. Three years after the wedding, the family is questioning the absence of a child to continue the line. Increasingly worried, Ellen fears her husband may divorce her and seek someone who can give him the child he needs. In the aristocratic world of house parties and coronation dinners, she discovers there are opportunities to be had, if she dares to take them.  Will her choice fall on

Discover The Shadows of Versailles!

Release Day went so well for The Shadows of Versailles.  A big Thank You to everyone who downloaded a copy.  It was #1 in various UK, US and Germany genre charts, and it still holds a #1 New Release spot, three days later. I’m so thrilled to bring the infamous Affair of the Poisons to readers’ attention. It’s such a fascinating event that stretched well over a decade, although the actual trials can be condensed into a few years.  It was in the late 1660s, that the Marquise de Brinvilliers had begun to poison her father and brothers, with the help of a valet, yet it only came to light after her associate and lover, Sainte-Croix, died in 1672 – ironically of natural causes. He’d locked letters from her into a casket, together with vials of poisonous substances. And her desperate attempts to get hold of the box raised suspicions. When an arrest warrant was issued, she fled to the Netherlands, then in Spanish hands, but was eventually caught in Belgium in spring 1676 and executed in July

New Release: The Shadows of Versailles

Join me as I celebrate the release of  The Shadows of Versailles , the first novel in a new series of loosely-linked stories set during the Affair of the Poisons, is now available in Kindle format!  Seduced at Versailles. Broken by tragedy. Consumed by revenge. Follow me to the glamorous court of Louis XIV, the Sun King. But beneath all the glitter of his impressive new palace lurks a danger, and not only to his own life.  The Affair of the Poisons is a fascinating time when dark dealings came to light, involving not only ’lowly’ midwives, alchemists and fortune-tellers, but also high-ranking officials, courtiers and even the king's longterm mistress, Madame de Montespan. We only meet La Montespan briefly in The Shadows of Versailles , as the focus is on Fleur, my fictional heroine, who discovers that Versailles reveals more hidden dangers than she'd expected.  Fleur falls victim to a serial seducer in the picturesque gardens – an act that leads her into trouble as her overbear

Cover Reveal: The Mystery of Montague House by Emma Davies

Today, I'm excited to take part in a fabulous cover reveal for The Mystery of Montague House , the first in a brand-new mystery series by Emma Davies .  Thank you to Rachel's Random Resources ! Here's the gorgeous cover! What do you think? I'll be looking into this, as I love a good mystery. And what’s even better? It features a Basset hound called Hamish!  The Mystery of Montague House When Summer meets Wynter... With enough rooms to fill a Cluedo board several times over, Montague House has often been the subject of rumour and gossip. Tales of strange goings on, an owner who disappeared one day and was never seen again, not to mention the treasure that rumour has it lies at its heart... But now the present owner has died and the house is to be sold. It looks as if the opportunity has come to finally settle the stories once and for all. Clodagh Wynter doesn’t believe in ghostly goings on and tall tales of secrets. She has her feet very firmly on the ground and, tasked

Book Spotlight: The Brittle Sea by Tom Kane

Discover  The Brittle Sea , a 5* "incredible" historical novel by  Tom Kane , currently on a blog tour with  The Coffee Pot Book Club ! The Brittle Sea (The Brittle Saga Trilogy Book 1) By Tom Kane Blurb: The Titanic disaster is the catalyst that sparks a bloody feud between two families in early 20th century America. Magda Asparov is travelling from her home in the Ukraine to be the chosen bride of American businessman Matthew Turner III. But the ill-fated voyage of the unsinkable ship has far reaching consequences for her and her savior. Magda has lost her memory and a new personality, Maggie, has taken hold. The Captain of her rescue ship, Richard Blackmore, has fallen for Maggie. A mental illness, betrayal, murder, and corruption destroy Blackmore's life until all that remains is for him to seek revenge. Buy Links: Amazon (Kindle): Amazon (Paperback) : About the Author: Tom Kane As a child, Tom

Promo: The Sign of the Blood by Laurence O'Bryan

I'm delighted to showcase a gripping read today: The Sign of the Blood by Laurence O'Bryan , as part of a blog promo through The Coffee Pot Book Club . Travel back in time, to the days of the Roman Empire... The Sign of the Blood (A Dangerous Emperor, Book #1) By Laurence O'Bryan Excerpt: Gesoriacum, northern Gaul, 306 A.D In the stone palace of the governor of Gesoriacum news of the arrival of Constantine, son of the Emperor of the west, spread as quickly as if a war horn had sounded from the town gatehouse. Excited whispering spread from the flag stoned palace kitchen to the wooden lookout towers. Even the rats, who outnumbered every other living thing, by far, knew something was happening.  The Emperor, Constantius Chlorus, Constantine’s father, was busy with matters of state, meeting his Legates and other senior officers. The meeting, in the basilica, the largest hall in the palace complex by the port, had begun to bore him. The arrival of his son at the south facing to