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Chilling new release by bestselling author Shani Struthers

It's time again to draw the curtains and hide behind the sofa: bestselling author of paranormal mystery fiction, Shani Struthers, has a new title out: 44 Gilmore Street! Sounds like a scary place to me...

I'm therefore delighted to welcome Shani back here to celebrate. And she's sharing a sneaky teaser of 44 Gilmore Street. Wishing you much success with your new title, Shani! :-)

Now, folks, prepare for the thrill!

Blurb – 44 Gilmore Street
“We all have to face our demons at some point.”

Psychic Surveys – specialists in domestic spiritual clearance – have never been busier. Although exhausted, Ruby is pleased. Her track record as well as her down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach inspires faith in the haunted, who willingly call on her high street consultancy when the supernatural takes hold.
But that’s all about to change.
Two cases prove trying: 44 Gilmore Street, home to a particularly violent spirit, and the reincarnation case of Elisha Grey. When Gilmore Street attracts press…