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Meet the Ocelots: An Interview with Frédéric from Overture

Welcome to this second instalment in our Meet the Ocelots Blog Hop! We hope you enjoy our posts and meeting our characters. I’m delighted to introduce you to a handsome, well-mannered Frenchman, Frédéric Grandcourt. He is an important character in Vanessa Couchman ’s wonderful novel, Overture , which tells us about how Marie-Thérèse, a country girl from rural Aveyron, ends up in Paris and pursues her love of singing. You can discover which role Frédéric plays in Marie-Thérèse’s life in the book. It’s well worth a read! I’m welcoming him into my salon which I have designed to meet his approval. Imagine beautiful French furnishings, cushioned chairs and chaise longues and damask drapes surrounding the double doors to the garden.  Bonjour, Frédéric. How lovely to meet you! I have heard many great things about you from Marie-Thérèse. Please make yourself comfortable.  May I offer you a refreshment?  Frédéric: Thank you, Madame, or may I call you Cathie? You wouldn’t by