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Joining Ocelot Press!

After a hectic few months that saw many tricky editing jobs, French level 3 university studies and dissertation, and various other bits and bobs (yes, bobs too!), I'm finally ready to share my good news: I have joined an author collective of wonderful writers of – mainly – historical fiction (in various sub-genres) at Ocelot Press ! The group is made up of Crooked Cat Books authors past & present. I'm looking forward to working closely with, and supporting, fellow Ocelots Nancy Jardine and Vanessa Couchman , who both have already published several novels under the Ocelot banner (find details of their gripping stories set in Scotland and Corsica respectively on the Ocelot Press Facebook page ) – and those writers due to publish through Ocelot later:  Jennifer C Wilson , Nicola Slade , John Jackson , Sue Barnard ,  Yvonne Marjot , and Ailsa Abraham . Over the coming months, I shall bring Highland Arms across (which began life at The Wild Rose Press back in 2011,