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Joining Ocelot Press!

After a hectic few months that saw many tricky editing jobs, French level 3 university studies and dissertation, and various other bits and bobs (yes, bobs too!), I'm finally ready to share my good news:

I have joined an author collective of wonderful writers of – mainly – historical fiction (in various sub-genres) at Ocelot Press! The group is made up of Crooked Cat Books authors past & present. I'm looking forward to working closely with, and supporting, fellow OcelotsNancy Jardine and Vanessa Couchman, who both have already published several novels under the Ocelot banner (find details of their gripping stories set in Scotland and Corsica respectively on theOcelot Press Facebook page) – and those writers due to publish through Ocelot later: Jennifer C Wilson, Nicola Slade, John Jackson, Sue BarnardYvonne Marjot, and Ailsa Abraham.

Over the coming months, I shall bring Highland Arms across (which began life at The Wild Rose Press back in 2011, then was self-published),…