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Promo: The Promise by Kathleen Harryman & Lucy Marshall

Today, I'm sharing an enticing excerpt from The Promise , a WWII historical romance by Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall . Have a read! Thank you to Mary Anne Yarde of The Coffee Pot Book Club . The Promise - A World War II Historical Romance by Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall  Excerpt:   Chapter 3 Rose Elliot  1940 Whitby, England  “Where are you taking me in such an all fired hurry?” I gasped.  “You’ll see.”  I followed Will down some steps, not that I had much of a choice in the matter. We made our way down into the cellar. The lights had been left on, and there were several beer barrels littering the room. I looked around the dusty, dirty place and wrinkled my nose in distaste. I didn’t want to get my dress filthy.  I could just make out the beat of the music as it vibrated through the floorboards, to the ceiling of the cellar. I wanted to be back up there dancing. My green dress swishing around my ankles. My feet moving to the beat of the music. I hadn’t had a chance to

Review: The Return of the Disappearing Duke by Lara Temple

I’m delighted to share my review of another of Lara Temple ’s intriguing historical romance novels. Today, it’s of The Return of the Disappearing Duke . My thanks goes to Rachel’s Random Resources for a copy. Happy Publication Day to Lara Temple! As in The Lord's Inconvenient Vow , we’re straight into the action beneath the hot African sun. When Cleopatra Osbourne, dressed as a boy, runs into the lodgings of Rafe Grey to escape men chasing after her, she doesn’t immediately expect to find a man who agrees to take her to Cairo in search of her brother. What she expects even less is the attraction she feels towards this scarred, cynical man! To escape the rogues following her, she remains in disguise. As they travel through the desert, neither can deny that they are drawn to each other. Two misfits on the fringes of society. What Cleopatra doesn’t know is that Rafe is not just the mercenary he makes out to be.  He has a dukedom waiting for him in England following his father’s death,

Promo: The Devil's Crossing by Hana Cole

Today, I'm sharing an intriguing excerpt from The Devil's Crossing by Hana Cole as part of her blog tour with the  Coffee Pot Book Club .  We're heading to medieval France. There's just so much history! And this one looks very interesting. I'm going to look it up. I hope you enjoy the enticing excerpt from  The Devil’s Crossing ! Excerpt:   Prologue   That evening, drawn by the noise from the streets below, Gui laid aside his manuscript and peered over the balcony. Three men shuffled in irons behind a plough horse. The prisoners had been sentenced to suffer for their own good. The purifying flame would cleanse their souls, and bestow a last chance of salvation before the fires of Hell. Although he had been clerk to the inquisitor for weeks now, this was the first time that he had witnessed a blood punishment and seen the faces of the convicts; faces just like any other. Among them, he knew, was Estève Le Coudray. A salt merchant from the Languedoc with a kind face

Promo: Beathan the Brigante by Nancy Jardine

I’m so excited to share this novel. Beathan the Brigante is the fifth in Nancy Jardine ’s gripping  Celtic Fervour Saga series set in Roman Britain. You have adventure, historical events, romance and drama, all in a cleverly-created historical setting.  Oh, and if you haven’t caught up with the early books in the series (which I can highly recommend), now’s your chance, as they’re only 99c / 99p until tomorrow! Promo Spotlight on Book 5 –  Beathan The Brigante        Thank you for inviting me today, Cathie, to share a little about  Beathan The Brigante,  the 5th book in my highly acclaimed  Celtic Fervour Saga Series.  I’m getting really excited now since it officially   launches tomorrow with  Ocelot Press ! It will be available in e-book and paperback from Amazon, and in paperback format via Ingram Spark for bookstore and library ordering.   Something different for your early readers – who might not yet have heard about my series, or haven’t yet read it – is that the e-book versio

Promo: Drake – Tudor Corsair by Tony Riches

Today, I’m delighted to welcome historical fiction writer, Tony Riches, to my blog. He shares a fascinating post about the Golden Hinde , the ship that carried Francis Drake across the seas.  Prepare to discover an intriguing new series of novels, a treat for keen readers of Tudor fiction! Francis Drake and the  Golden Hinde , by Tony Riches,  author of Drake – Tudor Corsair I’d been planning an Elizabethan series for some time, as my aim is to tell the stories of the Tudors from Owen Tudor’s first meeting with Queen Catherine of Valois through to the death of Queen Elizabeth.   I decided to show the fascinating world of the Elizabethan court through the eyes of the queen’s favourite courtiers, starting with Francis Drake. I’ve enjoyed tracking down primary sources to uncover the truth of Drake’s story – and discovering the complex man behind the myths.   The scale of his achievement was brought into focus for me when I visited the replica of the   Golden Hinde   – Drake’s flagship, an

Review: Murder Ahoy by Fiona Leitch

I’m thrilled (yes, quite literally) to share my review of Murder Ahoy! , a quirky whodunit at sea, by Fiona Leitch . My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for a copy.  Raise the gangway and be off on a fabulous and fun ride across the Atlantic!  Murder Ahoy! is a highly entertaining murder mystery set on a cruise ship where crime writer Bella Tyson’s life suddenly reflects her fiction.  Bella was booked to take part in a murder mystery play on board, together with two other famous authors. However, when she arrives she discovers that it’s not Peter James she’s teamed up with, but her gorgeous but no-good ex-husband, Joel Quigley, and the diva of crime writing, Louise Meyers. Both are no friends of hers, and Bella begins to dread her decision... All set up their little groups of participants, and the murder mystery tour is ready to start. But when amidst the fake bodies a real body turns up, Bella becomes the main suspect. To the Head of Security on board it’s a clear-cut case. But a