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Somewhere in the Highlands by Beth Trissel

I'm thrilled to welcome back Beth Trissel , award-winning author of romantic historical fiction. Today, she tells us about Somewhere in the Highlands .  Highlands. Highlanders. A stolen relic... Bought! :-) As a keen reader of Beth's novels, I can highly recommend readers to try Beth's wonderful blend of adventure, history and love. ~~~ “Never tell me the odds . ” ~Han Solo The motto of the unlikely hero, Fergus, in Somewhere in the Highlands, a fast-paced Sci-Fi Fantasy Time Travel Romance. Untold hours of scheming, dreaming, writing and revising went into this story. Yes, there will be another title in this continuing saga. Don’t ask me when, but plotting is underway. Somewhere in the Highlands is book three in my Somewhere in Time series , following Somewhere My Love , and is the sequel to Somewhere My Lass . Somewhere the Bells Ring is a hauntingly beautiful Christmas romance.  The idea behind this series is that the story opens in an old home, so

Christine Warner - Bachelor's Special Bookshelf Tour

Oh no, I'm a little late! :-(  I'll still bit a warm welcome to the lovely  Christine Warner , whose new release, Bachelor's Special , is available now. Christine is a brilliant writer, and readers of contemporary romance get a tasty read here. Christine has kindly shared her favourite places to write. I must say, I'd be inspired by that view! Wouldn't you be? So, over to Christine... There are so many little quirks writers have. One of mine is where I write. To be creative I like to have quiet—which translates to no television or music in the background and definitely no family or friends to pull me out of my writing and into a conversation. That’s the toughest one of all because I really love those family/friend chats. I am lucky enough to have an office where I can close the door if I need to, but it’s really not a space that inspires me to write. Although I painted it a cheery yellow and there is a window to let in the sunshine, I never get a lot