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Promo: Death Makes No Distinction by Lucienne Boyce

Today, I want to introduce you to Lucienne Boyce , and her Dan Foster Mysteries. I'm currently reading (and enjoying) the latest instalment, Death Makes No Disctinction , and my review will follow in a few days’ time. My thanks goes to the author, and to Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources . In the meantime, have a look at this intriguing series. Death Makes No Distinction: A Dan Foster Mystery Two women at opposite ends of the social scale, both brutally murdered. Principal Officer Dan Foster of the Bow Street Runners is surprised when his old rival John Townsend requests his help to investigate the murder of Louise Parmeter, a beautiful writer who once shared the bed of the Prince of Wales. Her jewellery is missing, savagely torn from her body. Her memoirs, which threaten to expose the indiscretions of the great and the good, are also missing.  Frustrated by the chief magistrate’s demand that he drop the investigation into the death of the unknown beggar

New Release: Love Lost in Time is out!

I'm so thrilled to celebrate my new release today: Love Lost in Time ! I'm out of bubbly, but a nice G&T with blueberries will suffice! Later, of course...  A dual-timeline mystery, Love Lost in Time takes you to sunny Carcassonne, in the south-west of France.  For the historical part of the story, I chose the late 8th century – a time when the Franks under Charlemagne expanded and solidified their presence in Septimania (today's Languedoc-Roussillon) on the Mediterranean Coast. The locals were a mix of Visigoths, Merovingians and descendants of the Romans. After decades of upheaval, the Franks brought some stability into the region, and fortifications like Carcassonne helped to beat back any Saracen incursions.  But not all dangers came from the enemies. Some lay much closer to home... A tale of love, death and redemption… AD 2018 Languedoc, south-west France Madeleine Winters discovers ancient female bones under her kitchen floor. How did the

Review: The Raided Heart by Jennifer C. Wilson

I'm thrilled to review a beautiful novel today, The Raided Heart by Jennifer C Wilson . A big ’thank you’ to Rachel’s Random Resources ! I must admit I know very little about the border between England and Scotland, and I feel I learnt much when I read this riveting story. Set in the 15th century, Ms Wilson really shows her in-depth knowledge of the era. The terminology suits the time and setting, and the reiver practices are well described.  We meet Meg Mathers early on as a headstrong, slightly spoilt young woman. When she is kicked by Will Hetherington's horse, she blames him, although the fault was hers, so he must support her as long as she is unable to walk. This provides ample time for the two of them to get to know each other. There is some subtle humour that shines through now and then, but all is set against the uncertain backdrop of the day – with nightly raids on other villages, on both sides of the border, regular and dangerous occurrences. These dangers

Review: The Lord's Inconvenient Vow by Lara Temple

I’m delighted to take part in another fabulous book blog tour. Today’s review is for a fabulous romance novel called, The Lord’s Inconvenient Vow by Lara Temple .  Many thanks, again, to Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me take part. My review: I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, which is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone. It begins in Egypt, where Lady Samantha meets Lord Edward Edgerton again, after many years. The incredible backdrop of ancient historic sites sets the scene beautifully, and it immediately hooked me. As the days go by, their flirty banter hides deeper feelings neither are ready to explore. When Edge announced his engagement to Dora, Sam is distraught and withdraws from him, to follow her mother to Venice for the season. Eight years later, widowed after a disappointing marriage, Sam returns to Egypt, only to stumble across Edge again. He’s searching for his brother who has been leading him on a wild-goose chase. Sam realises that if he le