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Dark Deceit sequel: return to medieval Normandy

It has been a long time coming, I know. But finally – finally! – I’m about to get started on the sequel to Dark Deceit . And I can’t wait to get stuck in and meet my characters again. It will be set a few years after DD, beginning in Normandy, where Geoffrey and Alleyne have settled into his family home, but also taking us to other exciting places, and not just England! So, as expected, it requires much historical research into the movements of my characters – Geoffrey in particular! As the struggle for the throne continues in England, his presence is also required elsewhere by his liege lord. Again, he must choose which path to follow, whilst not forgetting to keep an eye on Will who still keeps hold of Alleyne’s manor. Poor Geoffrey can’t be in all places at all times, can he? As NaNoWriMo is approaching, I’ve begun to plot their movements, but writing the basic first draft will be my task during November, and I’m determined to reach the magical 50,000 word mark. Of course

Halloween Ebook Sale!

Halloween Greetings to you all! My publisher, Crooked Cat , is having an ebook sale on Amazon over Halloween, where readers can grab some fabulous Kindle titles for just 99p / 99c ! No better way to spend crisp autumn evenings indoors than reading a good book or two. Apart from my own historical mystery romance, Dark Deceit , you can discover my fellow Cats (as we're all called) and their books. We have romantic fiction, thrillers, cosy crime, historical novels, a few clever non-fiction themes, so there's something for everyone.  If you don't know any of the Cats, simply go to your Amazon store and type in ’ Crooked Cat ’ – and our titles should appear.  In the meantime, I've also reduced Highland Arms to 99p / 99c. You can find me and all my titles here !  ~~~ Dark Deceit Murder. Betrayal. Hope. On his return from battle at Lincoln, Geoffrey de Mortagne, under-sheriff of Gloucester and spy for the Empress Matilda, assists a dying knight c

My Place: Historic discoveries in Romsey, Hampshire

Today, I welcome fellow Crooked Cat author Nicola Slade to My Place. She's telling us a little about Romsey, a market town in leafy Hampshire – and home to some intriguing exhibits! Over to Nicola... ~~~ MY PLACE – ROMSEY I was a shy, bookish child whose happiest days were spent exploring graveyards with my grandmother, accompanied occasionally by one or two of my legion of great-aunts (twelve of them altogether!), so it’s no surprise that when one of my mother’s sisters moved just outside Romsey, a small market town in Hampshire, that I should focus my attention on a relic of the dead! Although I was brought up in Dorset, Romsey has always been special to me and I spent part of every summer holiday with my cousins. I loved the busy market town, so like hundreds of other towns all over the UK, but Romsey had something that made it extra special to me.  Romsey (c) Nicola Slade This strange head of hair was dug up in 1839 and has been dated to within the 9 th -

Autumn in Carcassonne

Over the last week, we've had a friend staying with us and showed her our new home town of  Carcassonne . What a brilliant opportunity to explore this fabulous place again... Carcassonne (c) CD Apart from the obligatory visit to 'la cité' (the citadel), much of which was rebuilt in the 19th century after it had become abandoned, we also explored the 'ville basse', the lower town, and drove to the beautiful medieval market town of Mirepoix in the Ariège – on a bustling market day! Carcassonne is the ideal place for a wander, the odd glass of wine or two, and delicious food. We visited a few restaurants that we hadn't been to before, and we enjoyed our time just as if we were on holiday, too. During our walkies, we also visited the 'chateau comtal', the inner sanctum of the citadel, the castle of the old counts of Carcassonne, built on a much older structure dating back to pre-medieval times. You meander through the rebuilt towers and turret

My Place: Discover historic Corsica with Vanessa Couchman

Today, I welcome back my author friend, Vanessa Couchman , whose wonderful stories take you to rural France, in particular to the beautiful rugged Mediterranean island of Corsica. Reading her novels makes me want to visit, and I will, one day.  So, for now, escape this rainy autumn day to your summer destination – to Nonza on Corsica!  ~~~ Nonza, Corsica: Inspiration by Chance Sometimes you feel your footsteps are steered in a certain direction. We discovered the captivating Mediterranean island of Corsica in 2003. With its majestic, mountainous scenery and its clear blue waters and miles of beaches, it’s a wonderful place to spend a holiday.  Nonza, Corsica   But I soon found that Corsica is much more than just a holiday location. It also has a fascinating history and culture, stemming from its strategic position in the Mediterranean and its island customs. The island has been invaded and occupied countless times over thousands of years. Intermittent but disorganised

Meet Jennifer C. Wilson and The Last Plantagenet

Today, as we’re nearing the 566th birthday of Richard III, made infamous by a certain Bard and various Tudor chroniclers, I have another treat in store for those who remain staunchly on Richard’s side.  Jennifer C. Wilson ’s romantic time-slip novella, The Last Plantagenet? , is a beautiful read, set days before the battle of Bosworth where Richard was killed. It’s the kind of ’alternative history’ story that romance authors are so brilliant at writing. I read it when Jennifer first released it, and we’re now delighted that she’s joining our small author cooperative, Ocelot Press . A warm welcome to Jennifer! So, if you love reading about Richard, discover one of the many ’what ifs’ that abound...   ~~~ The Last Plantagenet? The fireplace hadn’t looked like a time-portal.  All Kate had wanted was a fun, relaxing day out, watching the knights jousting at Nottingham Castle. What she ended up with was something quite different.  Transported in a heartbeat from 2011 to