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Welcome to author Kathy Sharp!

Today, I'm delighted to welcome author Kathy Sharp . Her novel,  All the Wild Weather , the third instalment in her fabulous ' Larus ' trilogy, is released today. Many congratulations, Kathy! I'm handing over to Kathy to tell us more about that elusive island of Larus and its quirky inhabitants. Make sure to check out the trilogy on Amazon and other outlets.  Over to Kathy! ~~~ Hello, Cathie, and thank you for the opportunity to talk to your readers. A couple of summers ago I made a visit to Portsmouth. I had reached an impasse with the book I was working on, All the Wild Weather. It’s a seagoing sort of story, and I hoped a couple of days immersing myself in all things maritime might kick off the creative process once more. So off I went, and had a wonderful time in Portsmouth, clambering about HMS Victory with my mouth open in awe, trying not to confuse my trenails with my trunnions. Even in dry dock with her rigging taken down for repair, the old shi