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Author KB Walker celebrates paperback release

Today, I welcome fellow Crooked Cat author KB Walker whose gripping, heartfelt contemporary novel, Once Removed , is now available in paperback. Many congratulations, Kimm! Over to you... A Mouse in a Cheese Factory In 2009 I self-published my memoir, A Life Less Lost , because I had the opportunity to speak alongside a best-selling author and realised I didn’t have time to go through the submission and publication process. Demand for copies had grown through readings done at speaking engagements so I took a risk and did it myself. 

English Historical Fiction Authors - Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to the  English Historical Fiction Authors blog!  Yes, exciting stuff! And to celebrate, readers can (re-)discover some of the authors' best and most popular blog posts of the past year. Go on – delve into the past! Plus, there are many fantastic historical books and ebooks up for grabs. Don't miss it! Head over now to the English Historical Fiction Authors blog and make sure to check out the Book Giveaway   from popular historical fiction authors such as Sherry Jones, Debbie Brown, Lucinda Brant and Deborah Swift! Ssshhhh!  Dark Deceit 's on the list, too...

New Release: Family Lies by Louise Behiel

Today, I welcome author Louise Behiel who celebrates her latest release, Family Lies , a   romantic suspense. Many congratulations, Louise! Now for some details... Blurb: What do you do when everything you value turns out to be false? Kathryn Talbot couldn’t stay in the family home for another moment. Her husband had changed. He’d become distant and secretive. So she moved into an apartment and began to rebuild her life. But when her stepson voices concern about his father’s health, she agrees to convince him to see a doctor. When the diagnosis is early onset Alzheimer’s disease, she has no choice: she agrees to her husband’s request to return home and help him. Eventually, the disease progresses beyond her ability to keep him safe at home, so she finds a secure and comfortable long term care facility for him. His illness forces her to invite his partner, Eric Berecki, to return from Asia and take over the North American arm of the company. But when a quote for a priva

Release for hot, new "Vegas" Series – Are you feeling lucky?

Fellow author Mimi Barbour celebrates the launch of her new romantic suspense Vegas Series  today. Apart from a great party, she's also offering readers a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift voucher. Just think how many books you could buy.. Over to Mimi! Thank you, Cathie, for letting me visit your blog today and for your support in helping me spread the news about my new series called "Vegas". ~ Welcome ~ This is release day for the new romantic suspense Vegas Series by Mimi Barbour "Partners" Book One in the new Romantic Suspense Vegas Series.    Riveting and fast-paced, this short blockbuster will introduce you to Aurora Morelli and Kai Lawson, the characters who are the stars of the Vegas Series. In this novel, Aurora is forced to accept one very difficult fact—she's lonesome for her partner Debbie. An attack by a maniac put paid to their working together and Aurora is pissed. She's out to get the madman wh

Author Carrie Pulkinen celebrates new release, Reawakened

Today, I'm delighted to host paranormal romance author, Carrie Pulkinen , who celebrates the release of her latest novel, Reawakened . Many congrats on your new release, Carrie! Loving the cover! Now, let's meet  Carrie and sample  Reawakened . Oh, and make sure to follow the link to Breathless Press to find out more... Carrie Pulkinen has always been fascinated with the paranormal. Of course, when you grow up next door to a cemetery, the dead (and the undead) are hard to ignore. Pair that with her passion for writing and her father's insatiable love for monster movies, and you've got the perfect recipe for an exciting storyteller.   Carrie spent the first part of her professional life as a high school journalism and yearbook teacher. Now she's able to channel her love of the English language into stories of amazing sex with devilishly handsome men. In her free time, Carrie likes to read, take pictures, and play with her kids. She invites you to con

Silent Deception: ***free*** 13 - 14 September

It's time for a freebie! Thursday, 13th & Friday, 14th September Silent Deception , my historical romantic novella, is *** free*** to download on Amazon on those two days only ! Set in Victorian Cornwall, it's a tale of family secrets, misunderstandings, discovery and love! Add a touch of suspense and ghostly shenanigans, and you have an exciting historical adventure. Blurb: Having inherited a family estate she’d never heard of, Minerva Goodridge travels to Cornwall to take charge of her new home. But fatal memories lurk in the shadows of Trekellis Manor. As the locals keep away from the house, Minnie accepts the help of a stranger. Can she trust him? Gideon Drake, 8th Earl of Rothdale, is on a mission to uncover a family secret linked to Trekellis Manor. But the arrival of Minerva, the new owner, disrupts his investigation. Attracted to the headstrong heiress, he decides to take action - and ends up uncovering more than he expected.

Welcome Raine Delight, Erotic Romance Author

Today, I welcome erotic romance author Raine Delight to My Place. Discover Devon Falls, the fabulous setting for her paranormal romance series, published with Secret Cravings! Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream.  Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance. Photo: Neil Alderney My Place: Devon Falls is a small town, a place where paranormals and huma

80s Revival - Whoohoo!

Hands up, those, who remember shoulder pads, leg warmers, big hair and massive earrings! We might not remember all of those things fondly – I cringe in horror at photos of me at the time – but they've etched themselves into our collective memory. And with big shoulder pads came big purses. Big spending was 'in'. Business in Germany boomed back then (the good days prior to expensive unification and the ill-fated Euro), and popular US movies and series ruled our screens. Buff - if rather brainless – heroes in fast-paced action movies, ditzy heroines in happily-ever-after rom coms, and shrewd money-makers in films taking on the big business theme of the day, often in ironic portrayal (though not always understood that way). Then there were the big TV series. Dallas and Dynasty reigned supreme on our small screen. Yes, we had to get up to change channels, and no timer reminded us a show was starting. No remote control in our house back then. It was called, memory. You k

Welcome author Lynn Crain

Well, here we are. It's September. Summer's gone (well, for us it never arrived in the first place), the nights turn cooler, and it's soon time to light the fire and snuggle on the sofa with a good read. So, here's another suggestion for you avid readers. Today, I welcome romance author Lynn Crain to My Place. Her inter-galactic romance, The Harvester, takes the heroine from far away to Las Vegas, and beyond. Join her journey of discovery! ;-) Thanks for having me, Cathie...boy was it hard to find pictures...LOL! You know when you live in a place, you don’t tend to take very many pictures unless it’s of family events or there’s something special happening. How much more special can you get than a girls night out (GNO) in Las Vegas, Nevada and that’s where my story starts.  My Place:   My story starts in Las Vegas and quickly ends up in the far reaches of space. It is a kick-ass science fiction erotic romance with lots of action and hunky guys.  This is a

Excerpt from Silent Deception, my 99c historical novella

To celebrate the beginning of the 'reading' season, with its chilly and breezy nights, here's a wee taster from Silent Deception , my historical romantic novella. Silent Deception is set in Cornwall in the mid-1800s. A remote country house. A young, penniless heiress. An earl with dubious intentions. And a dark family secret... Here goes: Lord Drake caught up within seconds, and for a mile, they followed the swerving outline of the path. The droning of the sea grew louder, the breeze picking up. “Wait a moment.” She brought her mare to a halt and adjusted her hat and shawl which had become askew in the wind. ‘We should slow down, this close to the cliffs.” A sudden sense of trepidation coursed through her. At a weathered gate, the path ended. Lush grass stretched beyond, until it stopped sharply. The cliff’s edge. “Allow me.” He helped her off the mare and tied the horses’ reins to a stake. Opening the gate, he let her through before he secured it again beh