English Historical Fiction Authors - Happy Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to the 
English Historical Fiction Authors blog! 

Yes, exciting stuff! And to celebrate, readers can (re-)discover some of the authors' best and most popular blog posts of the past year. Go on – delve into the past! Plus, there are many fantastic historical books and ebooks up for grabs.

Don't miss it!

Head over now to the English Historical Fiction Authors blog and make sure to check out the Book Giveaway 
from popular historical fiction authors such as Sherry Jones, Debbie Brown, Lucinda Brant and Deborah Swift!

Ssshhhh! Dark Deceit's on the list, too...


  1. This is indeed a wonderful site that I didn't know, and like I said, I'll have a lot to catch up with, some hours of browsing to come ... haha ... thanks Cathie :)

    1. LOL I hope you've enjoyed! There are some fascinating posts up on that site. Could spend days just browsing... ;-)


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