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Dark Deceit featured on Crooked Cat Books

I'm trying to ignore the miserable Scottish summer. If you are too, I might have some fabulous reads for you... Dark Deceit , my romantic medieval murder mystery, is featured on Crooked Cat Books this week, together with two other intriguing (and highly recommended!) novels. It's also available at 99p/c for the duration.  Originally entitled, A Norman Legacy, Dark Deceit  began life at a South Wales train station during a time when I was active in a medieval re-enactment group which gave me great insight into life 'back then'.  Having visited the rolling Gloucestershire countryside, I spotted a tiny hamlet with a small Norman church. It was perfect for the setting of Bellac Manor. And on a holiday in Normandy, I found the real 'home' for the story, the picturesque area of Perche, then a county in its own right, but as part of the duchy of Normandy. Falaise Castle, Normandy, France In the 1140s, England and Normandy were wrecked by two r

A Killer Past by Maris Soule - Blog Tour

Today, I extend a warm welcome to award-winning author, Maris Soule , who's currently on blog tour with her latest release, A Killer Past ! I'm sure you'll find the background to her novel very interesting. Over to Maris... Thank you, Cathie. For years I’ve written romances and mysteries where the heroine’s age was somewhere between 25 and 35. Women in their prime, both physically and sexually. When I started writing and being published, I wasn’t far from that age group, but that was many years ago. Now my body isn’t as limber as it once was, and gravity (and too many cocktail parties) has changed the silhouette of my figure. I took Judo in my late teens and I can still remember the things I used to be able to do, how easily I could escape from a hold or throw someone to the ground. I wonder, at my age, would I still be able to do those things? It was that question and a TV show called “Nikita” that led to A Killer Past . I wondered what Nikita would be like