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Welcome Mary Anne Yarde, author of The Du Lac Chronicles

Today, I’m delighted to welcome author Mary Anne Yarde , who is celebrating the release of book 4 in her bestselling  The   Du Lac Chronicles series, The Du Lac Prophesy . Many congratulations! Set in the magical times of King Arthur, during what we call ’the dark ages’, her series explores the aftermath of those fabled days of Avalon. Intrigued? Oh, I am.  Over to Mary Anne... ~~~ Welcome to the Dark Ages. Welcome to the Land of King Arthur. By Mary Anne Yarde. I have been fascinated with the life and times of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table since I was a child — I guess growing up a stone’s throw from Glastonbury (The Ancient Isle of Avalon) may have had something to do with that. (c) Mary Anne Yarde  My book series, The Du Lac Chronicles, tells the story of what happened after the death of Arthur, and continues the story of his Knights and their sons. But to write about the end of Arthur’s reign, I needed to know about the beginning. A not so e

My Place: Eorsa – a small rock off the isle of Mull

Today, I’m reviving my popular My Place series of posts, where I invite fellow authors of historical fiction / romance / mystery to share a little about the setting of their novels. This can be a place, a town, a fictional village, or a castle. I’m kicking off with a beautiful place in Scotland. Imagine a tiny outcrop off the Scottish isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. Facing westward, the small island of Eorsa is the location of my current work in progress, a Scottish medieval romance, as yet untitled. Set in the aftermath of the battle at Falkirk in 1298, it tells the tale of Isobel de Moray, whose father was killed when he helped fellow knight Cailean MacDubhgaill escape.  Eorsa – (c) Yvonne Marjot Following her father’s death, Isobel is abducted from her manor on the shores of Loch Ness by Scottish henchmen to marry her off to an English lord, her being a cousin of the late guardian, Andrew de Moray. During their journey along the great glen, she is freed by Cailean, and

Meet the Author: Isabella May

I’m delighted to host bestselling author Isabella May today. Isabella’s novels are fabulous reads – and they include food and drinks! What’s not to like about that, eh?  Originally from Glastonbury, England (I know, Avalon, ley lines, ooh!), Isabella now lives in the south of Spain with her family. No doubt, they’re regularly enjoying a few cocktails, and  the main dish of her latest novel, Costa del Churros ! Yummy! Please extend a warm welcome to Isabella! COSTA DEL CHURROS  Muchas gracias  for hosting me on your blog today to talk about my brand new novel with Crooked Cat Books!  Costa Del Churros  will launch on September 19 th  and is another romantic comedy which fuses all things foodie, travel and spirituality. I’m keeping my fingers (and paws!) crossed that it’ll have as good a reception as its predecessors… Why write about Spain? My first two books, Oh! What a Pavlova and The Cocktail Bar centred much of their activity around the quirky and mystical tow

Highland Arms re-released with Ocelot Press

I'm delighted to share the news that I have now re-issued Highland Arms through our new author cooperative, Ocelot Press . If you haven't heard of us before, feel free to discover our authors on the Ocelot Press website . I have decided to bring Highland Arms into the Ocelot clowder because I feel we have a wonderful network of likeminded writers of quality novels, mainly with focus on historical fiction, mystery and romance, and my upcoming titles will also be released through the coop. Highland Arms will now also be available in ebook format not only on Amazon, but also on a range of outlets through D2D, including Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Noble. And for a few days only, it will be priced at 99p / 99c! It is still available in paperback through Amazon, but I'm also exploring other options. So...why not try a gripping historical read with plenty of romance and mystery! ~~~ “The author has a wonderful way of describing the highlands.” ~ Booked Up Revi