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Highland Arms - One month to go!

Tick tock tick tock... It's one month to go - the countdown is on! Highland Arms will be released on 20th July 2011 from the Wild Rose Press ! In order to keep the release date in everyone's mind, nice person that I am, I've now added it to the teaser - check it out! Sneak peak of scenes coming soon on this blog. Getting very excited now! Cathie

Critique Groups or Partners

I'm just in the process of editing A Norman Legacy (working title) and, again, I find suggestions from members of my historical critique group vital for the flow of the storyline. As with Highland Arms - where I was a member of a lovely critique group of romance writers turned friends - the comments and eagle eyes of critique partners are invaluable. However often you read through your chapters, critique partners always find little niggles, typos or inconsistencies you overlook as a writer. Duplication such as a cup emptied at one point, then emptied again a few paragraphs down, might escape my eye but you can be sure someone else spots it! Some writers have just one critique partner - a writer friend of the same or even a different genre - while others prefer input from several writers. I'm in the latter category. I value comments from writers of the same genre as their research into certain areas might be more in-depth than mine. They may spot historical boo-boos which sn