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Sale everywhere!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
Wow, what's going on? First, The Wild Rose Press are having a sale, meaning my romantic Scottish 5* historical, Highland Arms, is reduced in price. Yes, I know!

Imagine highlands, lochs, adventures, and of course a gorgeous Highlander. Yes, I'm a little in love with Rory... Are you ready to fall in love?

Find out in Highland Arms, right here!

And now, Crooked Cat Publishing are holding a 24 hour Flash Ebook Sale! My, that's posh, isn't it? All their ebooks are 99c/77p on Amazon, including my historical adventure, Dark Deceit. ~eek~

Only on Cyber Monday!

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All other fabulous Crooked Cat books will be on sale for 99c/77p, too. What a choice!
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Happy Reading!

Christine Young: Exclusive Excerpt Highland Magic

Today, I'm hosting Christine Young, an author who hails from Medford, a town where I have family, and who writes romance set in the Scottish Highlands. You couldn't top that, or could you?

How about an exclusive excerpt? Just here. On my little blog. Yup!

Here goes...

Highland Magic 
by Christine Young

Throughout the Highlands she is known as Keely, the witch woman. She is a great healer-a woman whose dreams come true. Ian MacPherson is a man who puts honor, loyalty and duty above everything. Their lives are entwined when Ian is sent by the Scottish King to bring Keely to trial for witchcraft. He is attacked and left for dead, but Keely rescues him. 

When he wakes, he discovers he has no memory. As he remembers his lost past, Ian finds that his need to protect the woman who has saved his life eclipses his duty to his king and country. He is a man torn between honor and duty to his country and the woman he loves.

Author Vonnie Davis presents Mona Lisa's Room

I'm thrilled to host romance author, the wonderful Vonnie Davis, on her Blurb Blitz Tour promoting her latest release, Mona Lisa's Room. Enjoy an enticing excerpt!

Mona Lisa’s Roomby Vonnie Davis
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blurb:


You won’t believe this email. I’m sitting in a French safe house, eating caviar and drinking champagne with handsome government agent, Niko Reynard. He’s wearing nothing but silk pajama bottoms and mega doses of sex appeal. I’m in big trouble, little sister. He’s kissed me several times and given me a foot massage that nearly caused spontaneous combustion. I'm feeling strangely virginal compared to the sexual prowess this thirty-year-old man exudes.

When I came to Paris for a bit of adventure, I never imagined I’d foil a bombing attempt, karate-kick two men, and run from terrorists while wearing a new pair of stilettos. I met a German musician, a gay poet from Australia, and the most delightful older French woman.

Don’t worry. I’m safe…the jury’s still out on y…

Suspense fiction author Tom Gillespie talks history

Today, the spotlight is on fellow Crooked Cat author Tom Gillespie, whose suspense novel Painting by Numbers is an intricate story about a man's obsession with messages hidden within a painting. That obsession leads him to... well, not giving too much away! ;-) Suffice to say, it's a literary treat for readers who love adventures - and a riddle!

Enjoy Tom's chat about history - and let us know if you agree or disagree! 

Lies, Damned Lies and the Truth about History

History is a fascinating subject, but for me, history is a collection of interesting lies, fabrications and falsities, which have been tenuously patched together by the fallacy of known or speculated evidence. Historians plot out a narrative based on available facts, previous opinion and research to produce a story that may have an over-arching focus, motive, agenda or manifesto. Their thesis might be motivated by politics, science, art, religion and so on. And the purpose I suppose is to attempt to reveal some kin…

Introducing crime writer Catriona King

Today, the spotlight is on a brand new name on the crime writing scene. Author Catriona King has just released A Limited Justice, the first in a gripping, new detective series set in 21st century Belfast. Her protagonist, D.C.I. Marc Craig, has his job cut out over a murder, then another - and another! The second in the series, The Grass Tattoo, is due out in December 2012. 

Catriona's work background is fascinating - she worked as a Forensic Medical Examiner - so I wanted to share some details here.

Welcome, Catriona!

1. What inspired DCI Craig, and the detective series, set in Belfast that began with ‘A Limited Justice’?

I’ve always loved watching detective stories but I didn’t like single stories. I always wanted to know what happened to the characters next, so I loved series, where you could watch the characters deal with different crimes and develop their own life stories. The best series that I’ve ever read is the Ian Rankin series with his lead detective John Rebus, because as …

Romance author Beth Trissel - Super Book Blast!

Today, I'm hosting the lovely Beth Trissel, historical romance author with The Wild Rose Press, again - this time as part of her super book blast tour. And you'll get to enjoy a different excerpt! :-)

Kira: Daughter of the Moon by Beth Trissel


Logan McCutcheon returns to colonial Virginia after seven years in the hands of Shawnee Indians. But was he really a captive, as everybody thinks? He looks and fights like a warrior, and seems eager to return to those he calls friends and family.

Kira McClure has waited for Logan all those years, passing herself off as odd to keep suitors at bay––and anyone else from getting too close.  Now that he's back, he seems to be the only person capable of protecting her from the advances of Josiah Campbell and accusations of witchcraft.  And to defend the settlers against a well-organized band of murderous thieves.

Sale at Crooked Cat Publishing!

Remember, remember... the 5th of November!
The Crooked Cats are celebrating another sale event! Today only, all Crooked Cat Publishing ebooks are 99c/77p! And yes, my very own Dark Deceit's for sale, too!

Head over to Amazon now. Find mine, plus a fantastic range of mysteries, historicals, thrillers, contemporary fiction, chick lit, and much more...

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Historical Romance Author Beth Trissel at My Place

Today, I'm delighted to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author,Beth Trissel, to My Place. She chats about the stunning backdrop to her historical romances, the Allegheny Mountains. 

Having enjoyed several of Beth's novels (and currently reading her latest, Kira, Daughter of the Moon), I can only recommend you give them a try. Atmospheric, rich in historical detail and very moving, they make for a wonderful read.

Over to Beth...

Hello Cathie and thanks so much for having me on your smashing blog. A pleasure to be here and share a bit about my new historical romance novel, Kira, Daughter of the Moon, a story long in the writing and one I’m delighted is finally out.

My Place:

Opening in the spring of 1765, Kira, Daughter of the Moon is set among the clannish Scots-Irish settlers in the ruggedly beautiful Allegheny Mountains. At that time, the Alleghenies were part of the Virginia colonial frontier, and the story follows on the heels of the French and Indian War depicted in my award-win…

Cathie's Next Big Thing!

My lovely friend and fellow romantic suspense author, Rachel Brimble, has tagged me - so now I've mulled over the intriguing questions posed in The Next Big Thing. Challenging! ;-)

I'm currently working on two manuscripts, but for the sake of things, I'm going to pick one. This one, or that one? So tough!

What is the title of your next book?

My working title is Runaway, but I'm sure I'll think of something catchier closer to the time. I could fancy something like Caught in the Wild or Hot on Her Trail.

Where did the idea for the book come from?

In December 2010, I visited my gorgeous American half-sister, Tracy, in Nampa, Idaho, for the first time. Apart from it being very emotional, we also spent days exploring the area, including the stretch leading up to Garden Valley.

I was immediately hooked by the beauty of the winter countryside. One log cabin in particular caught my eye. It had 'mine' written all over it. Earlier this year, when I first had the idea t…