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Promo: The Corsican Widow by Vanessa Couchman

I'm delighted to host historical fiction author and good friend, Vanessa Couchman , on my blog today. Not only is Vanessa an exceptional writer – her stories are full of intriguing plots and dramatic settings –, she is also a fellow author with Ocelot Press , our successful author cooperative.  In her Tales of Corsica series, Vanessa brings historic the island of Corsica to life in her immersive novels, The Corsican Widow  and The House at Zaronza .  This June, The Corsican Widow is Book of the Month in our Ocelot Press Readers Group on Facebook. Feel free to join us there for our latest news and chats, and some great giveaways! But now, discover her inspiration for the novels, and prepare to follow Vanessa to Corsica! The Corsican Widow Vanessa Couchman Historical Fiction An inspiring Corsican village The island of the island  Corsica is a place apart, but the peninsula of Cap Corse has an even more distinctive feel. Corsicans call it “the island of the island”. The village of N