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Welcome to Rosanne Bittner

Today, I welcome author Rosanne Bittner , whose latest release, Desperate Hearts , is out now. Rosanne chats about reading and writing - she's on to her 60th novel! That's got your interest, hasn't it?! Over to Rosanne! Good morning from Rosanne Bittner!    I am always happy to visit other blogs related to romance writing and reading, something we all love!   I hope you will pick up a copy of my September (2014) book, DESPERATE HEARTS, a great “wild-west” action romance set in the little gold town of Alder, Montana.   I know you will love the hero, Mitch Brady, a vigilante who is tough on the outside but so caring on the inside.   Mitch can be a ruthless, unforgiving lawman when it comes to men who harm others for no good reason, especially those who harm women, but on the inside he just wants to love and be loved and find a woman with whom he can finally settle.   Along comes heroine Elizabeth Wainright, who arrives in Alder under mysterious circumstances.