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Cover reveal: A Highland Captive

I'm thrilled to share the new cover for my upcoming novel,  A Highland Captive . Set in the west of Scotland in 1298, it tells the tale of Isobel de Moray, abducted to be married off due to the importance of her family, only to find herself abducted a second time, and taken to the remote isle of Eorsa in the Inner Hebrides... And here it is: Blurb: 1298 Scotland Cailean MacDubhgaill is only interested in fighting for the Scottish cause. He joins the battle at Falkirk, but is wounded when he takes a blow to the thigh by an axe. Sir Eoín de Moray, uncle to the late guardian, Andrew, helps him and takes him into a nearby forest, but is killed whilst fighting off pursuers. When Cailean recovers from his injuries with the help of the healer Eithne, he rushes to de Moray’s manor on the shores of Loch Ness to convey the news to de Moray’s daughter, Isobel, but he finds the manor burnt down and Isobel abducted. Finding herself taken away from her home against her will, to b

Win free best-selling romance novels!

Time for a treat! Highland Arms is part of a brilliant selection in the Rogues of Winter giveaway by BookSweeps. Yes, readers have a chance to win some fabulous reads by bestselling romance authors, amongst us Glynnis Campbell, Michelle Styles and Samantha Holt, and a few other ’tasty’ treats to boot! So, hurry over to sign up to some brilliant author newsletters and get yourself into the draw for the big prizes! Just follow the link here:  

Spotlight: The Corsican Widow by Vanessa Couchman

My good author friend and fellow Ocelot Press writer, Vanessa Couchman , has an offer for readers who love historical fiction set in beautiful places. Her novel, The Corsican Widow , is set on the island of Corsica. I thought it might be a treat for followers of My Place... Well worth a read! The Corsican Widow reduced to 99p on Amazon Kindle for a short time only Ocelot Press author Vanessa Couchman’s historical novel  The Corsican Widow   is taking part in an Amazon Countdown deal, starting on Friday 16 th November . Normally priced at £2.99/$3.99, the book will be reduced to 99p/99¢ on Friday and Saturday, rising by increments to the full price on Monday 19 th November. The novel is the latest in the Tales of Corsica series, stories inspired by and set in the same house on the enchanting island of Corsica. The Corsican Widow  is a sweeping tale of love, injustice and vengeance, set in the 18th century. Valeria Peretti must marry a much older man whom she doesn’t

New Release: Agricola's Bane by Nancy Jardine

Today, I welcome back my good author friend, Scottish writer of historical adventure, Nancy Jardine .   Nancy is celebrating the release of the fourth instalment, Agricola's Bane , in her wonderful Celtic Fervour Series  set in northern Britannia under Roman occupation. If you haven’t read her stories yet, I can highly recommend them. Full of drama, adventure and romance, she weaves in local and regional history, which make her books even more enjoyable.  Many congratulations on your new release, Nancy! Over to you... ~~~ Hello Cathie, it’s excellent to be visiting your blog again. I’m especially excited because I can share news about a brand new addition to my list of novels. Agricola’s Bane ,  the fourth book in my highly acclaimed  Celtic Fervour Series,  published with  Ocelot Press ,  is now available to pre-order on Amazon! (EBook launch 15th November 2018; Paperback launch event at a local Heritage Centre 22nd November.) For readers of the series, Book

My Place: Discover Amesbury with Janet P. Reedman

Today, I welcome historical fiction author Janet P. Reedman to My Place. She tells us a little about a town called Amesbury, in beautiful Wiltshire, England, close to the impressive site that is Stonehenge. An ancient place, there is much to discover.  Over to Janet! ~~~ Amesbury, in Wiltshire, is not the most beautiful English town or the one with the most ancient buildings. However, its history goes back into the mists of time, and it has a claim on the title of oldest permanently occupies settlement in the British Isles, with the first inhabitants living and feasting during the Mesolithic. It is the nearest town to Stonehenge, and also the burial place of a medieval Queen and a princess who had a claim on the English crown…. The main areas of interest fall on High Street and Church Street. Starting on the old High Street, you immediately notice a large white inn with a sign that reads ‘The George.’ What you see today dates from the 1500’s-1600’s, when a timber-framed build