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Christmas with the Crooked Cats

From today up to 6th January 2015, I'm celebrating the winter season with a group of fabulous  Crooked Cat authors! So, come and join us! Find seasonal short stories and poems, excellent gift ideas and great reading material for the holidays when you finally get to put your feet up! Everyone welcome! We'll see you there! :-) 

Nicky Wells introduces A Fairy Tale in New York

Today, I'm thrilled to welcome a very special friend, author Nicky Wells . She had the wonderful idea to combine a New York Christmas with a romance of a special kind: he's a rock star! An intriguing mix, don't you agree? I can't wait to read it! But now, let's hear it from Nicky... A Fairy Tale in New York… involving snow and a stranded rock star. What on earth inspired this story? I mean, the rock industry is hardly the stuff of fairy tales, or is it? This is only one of the incredulous reactions I got when I first announced I was writing a Christmas book mixing together   Christmas with my love for rock, music, and fairy tales. Those ingredients go together perfectly, as far as I’m concerned. Fairy Tale in New York is my version of the perfect Christmas story, and I really went all out on the happiness factor. Everything gets kicked off with an epic snowstorm—and I mean epic, of the ground-all-planes-and-halt-all-transport variety. You see, being