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Author Nancy Jardine shares The Beltane Choice!

It's the eve of Beltane. Followers of Celtic traditions all over the world will be celebrating. See how Nara and Lorcan in Nancy Jardine 's fabulous Celtic romantic adventure, The Beltane Choice , are getting (it) on... Over to you, Nancy! Thank you for inviting me here today, Cathie. It’s a very exciting time for me since my historical adventure romance THE BELTANE CHOICE has a very topical title and there’s a fantastic bargain to be had for your readers today. Do you know the festival of BELTANE is tomorrow!  There’s still time to grab a copy of my historical adventure  THE BELTANE CHOICE  at a bargain price of 77p /99c on Amazon UK/US. Crooked Cat Bookstore     And... There's also just enough time to WIN an e-copy of THE BELTANE CHOICE by entering my competition today! How? Check my A to Z bl

Book Blitz: Soul Taker by Karen Michelle Nutt

I'm thrilled to host award-winning author  Karen Michelle Nutt on a one day special Book Blitz tour for her new urban fantasy release, Soul Taker . Make sure to check it out! Blurb: No soul is safe… A vampire from the Grim Sith sept is sucking the souls out of young women from the Boston area, but this sinister crime is far worse than a vampire seeking substance. He’s selling the souls to the highest bidder and it seems business is booming. A vampire, a werewolf and a Necromancer, are a most unlikely team, but Garran, Harrison and Isabella plan on putting a kink in the dubbed Soul Taker’s plans. It’s personal now. One of their friends has fallen victim to the Soul Taker’s charms, but to stop him from hurting anyone else, their efforts may involve raising the dead. Excerpt: The night awakened everything dark and foreboding, allowing them to walk among the humans. Garran MacLaurin would be considered such a creature, though with practice he learned to control his unusual

Author Ailsa Abraham celebrates Beltaine

Today, I'm hosting fellow Crooked Cat author, Ailsa Abraham. With the feast of Beltaine (or Beltane) upon us, she has looked at modern day celebrations. Fascinating! Oh, and don't miss out the giveaway on her website - see link below! BELTAINE NOW Beltaine is coming and there will be a lot of articles explaining what it is and how it started but not many which cast a light on the way modern neo-Pagans celebrate the festival of the Goddess and her Lord's “wedding”. I put that in inverted commas because I am trying to be discreet, in none of the many erudite works I have read to the sacred couple make any vows. These days, rather like Christmas or Bonfire Night, the celebration of Beltaine can be a huge public affair or a very private one, with all possibilities in-between. Probably the biggest Beltaine Bash in the UK is in Edinburgh and involves processions, fire dancers, music and the traditional pairing off of couples to go up to the wild on Arthur's S

Author Pamela Kelt on Anachronisms - and Tomorrow's Anecdote

Today, I'm delighted to welcome journalist and author, Pamela Kelt , who's celebrating the release of her first Crooked Cat Publishing novel, Tomorrow's Anecdote . Many congratulations, Pamela! Those who were around in the '80s will remember quite a few things, both good and bad. Rock music. Good. Leg warmers. Bad. Shoulder pads. Very bad. Big storms. Ouch! But first, let's hear it from Pam... A timely thought about anachronisms Chronological inconsistencies come in many forms. My personal favourites are the unintentional visual clangers on screen: the pale watch mark on a bronzed Roman Gladiator or a jet crossing the sky while Holmes and Watson wrangle with Bradshaw’s railway timetables. Fan sites gleefully fill the ether with such gaffes. We all love bloopers. My first book was set in 1885. I was pretty confident that I could avoid perpetrating any time-based errors. After all, I was a fan of Victoriana and an addict of 19th-century period drama

Book Blitz: Truth's Blood by Tyler Roberts

Today, I'm hosting another fantastic Book Blitz Tour from Buy the Book tours. Check out the dark, apocalyptic Truth's Blood by Tyler Roberts! Truth's Blood: It hadn't seemed possible that a president whose policies had impoverished millions could be reelected. It was the waning years of the American empire and the liberties represented in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were a fading memory. The government monitored every aspect of American life, and the drones buzzing overhead served as a constant reminder, but it was the government's reckless spending that brought the nation to its knees.  Now, the economy is in ruin, and the president's European style welfare state stands at the brink of collapse. The United States is unable to repay its debts. China has come seeking payment in real assets, and they mean business. Chaos reigns; power has been cut; select cities have been decimated by nuclear bombs; and burned out houses occupy neighborhoods lik

Blurb Blitz Tour: The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright

I'm delighted to host a new fabulous Goddessfish Blurb Blitz Tour -  The Angry Women Suite by Lee Fullbright THE ANGRY WOMAN SUITE By Lee Fullbright Blurb:    Raised in a crumbling New England mansion by four women with personalities as split as a cracked mirror, young Francis Grayson has an obsessive need to fix them all. There’s his mother, distant and beautiful Magdalene; his disfigured, suffocating Aunt Stella; his odious grandmother; and the bane of his existence, his abusive and delusional Aunt Lothian. For years, Francis plays a tricky game of duck and cover with the women, turning to music to stay sane. He finds a friend and mentor in Aidan Madsen, schoolmaster, local Revolutionary War historian, musician and keeper of the Grayson women’s darkest secrets. In a skillful move by Fullbright, those secrets are revealed through the viewpoints of three different people–Aidan, Francis and Francis’stepdaughter, Elyse–adding layers of eloquent complexity to