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New Release Spotlight: Shh... It's our Secret by Lizzie Chantree

Many congratulations to my author friend, Lizzie Chantree ! Her latest fabulous novel, Shh... It's Our Secret , is released today. May it soar up the charts! Here's Lizzie telling us a bit more about her new book baby. Make sure to check it out!  Shh… It’s Our Secret Lizzie Chantree Women's Fiction Thank you for inviting me onto your blog today. I’m thrilled to be sharing details about my latest book, which is called Shh… It’s Our Secret .  Conception behind the Story:  This story is about what someone would do to help people they love, even if it means huge changes to their own life. The main character, Violet has lost her parents and has a boyfriend who tells her she’s useless. She has an amazing talent, but hides it because she doesn’t have self-belief.  A chance encounter with Kai gives her the opportunity to help her local community, who have become her family, but that means having faith in herself. She doesn’t search for limelight, but it finds her anyway. The story

Historical Writers Blog Hop: A Touch of Poison

Today it’s my turn on the fabulous  Historical Writers Forum Blog Hop , and I have a truly scandalous treat in store for you! So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or a nice glass of Pays de la Loire –  have a sniff or taste first to see if it's safe to consume – then follow me to Paris in the late 17th century!  King Louis XIV reigns supreme from his ever-expanding and brilliantly glittering palace of Versailles, leaving his capital city of Paris and his old palace, the Louvre, behind. In fact, the king detests Paris! It's dirty, there are too many poor people knocking on the gates, and it's crime-ridden! As newly installed streetlights banish the shadows in some of the more affluent areas, there is still an underworld of well-organised criminals operating across the city. Poverty is high, and the many midwives, fortune-tellers and alchemists in town are looking for a more lucrative way of making ends meet.  So they found a handy way for despised husbands or wives, or h