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Blog and website? Of course!

I'm sure you're chuffed to hear I've decided to keep this blog going. It's dark, just like the mysteries I write about. And I have lovely followers. :-) This means I have to transfer posts manually but hey, the more exposure the better. Oh, I'm talking blogs here, of course! Some news coming up soon. Fab news. Exciting news. Very soon. Just got to finalise the details and then all shall be revealed. ~bounce~ So please stay with me here for rants, ravings and news on my writing but for excerpts and additional details please check out my new website - . I'll be back soon! xxx

Exciting news - website coming soon!

Now that I've completed Highland Arms, am 2/3 through A Doubtful Allegiance (working title), not to mention the contemporary suspense I started a few months ago, I thought it was time to set up my own website. So I have just bought the domain and I'm busy looking at designs that suit my style best. Unfortunately that means that I'll have to move this blog. Shame, as I love the current template. It's all very much in progress but soon you'll be able to find news and excerpts on - if you head there now you can already sign up for future updates. :-) Hope to see you all 'over there' soon. Hugs, C xx

Full MS submitted to The Wild Rose Press

I'm chuffed to bits - The Wild Rose Press asked for a full submission of my romantic 1720s Scottish mystery, Highland Arms! ~bounce~ ;-) Although the day job has the upper hand at the moment - the usual setting up the Halls to cater for summer business - I managed to polish Highland Arms to a fine glow before I sent it off to the Historicals editor last weekend. Now the waiting game begins in full. Fortunately I don't have time during the day for nail-biting, and with getting back home late and early sleeps it's perhaps a little easier than during a quiet period in work when there would be no distraction whatsoever. So maybe it's just as well I'm running my socks off... Still, the butterflies in my tummy never go away completely and I'm extremely nervous. I really really hope she likes the story and the romantic element is strong enough. My issue usually is that my stories are more plot-driven - historicals offer such a perfect settings that you could easily ru