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An April weather Easter weekend

Belated Happy Easter wishes! 🐣 I hope you enjoyed precious time with your families. We did, with our four-legged 'babies’! Canal du Midi near Carcassonne On Sunday, we were fortunate enough to see the sun all day, so, after putting the washing on so it can dry outside, we took Ellie Dog on a 2-hour walkie along the Canal du Midi, close to our home. The path on one side is wide enough for us to walk and chat, however, the other side – our return from the lock – was narrow, and often overgrown. Still, quite an adventure, especially when we spotted the gorgeous views that reached as far as the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees. Ellie relaxing Ellie loved her exploration, but she was completely zonked out afterwards, enjoying the sunshine in the garden. One happy girl. And even hubby and I managed to relax a little in the garden on our return, with a delicious Aperol Spritz. I had a chance to catch up on re-reading Dark Deceit , alongside some r