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Meet author Jeff Gardiner

Today, I'm delighted to welcome multi-published author, Jeff Gardiner , who is currently celebrating the release of his latest novel, Pica , released through Accent Press. Over to you, Jeff! PICA is the first in a trilogy that explores our relationship with the natural world, and how we can rediscover its ancient magic and secrets. It touches on environmental issues and has a modern setting. I’m going to give a little insight into a few of the main characters – hopefully avoiding major plot-spoilers. Luke is a teenage boy who hates being dragged out for walks in the countryside by his enthusiastic parents. They enjoy pointing out the ‘fascinating’ flora and fauna. He prefers computer games or shooting animals and birds with his air pistol. Luke begins as a stroppy and cynical teenager who finds anything that doesn’t involve a screen or violence ‘boring’. School is a mere treadmill for him, and he’s become disaffected, with no real aim in life. Until Guy t