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Dark Deceit is a #1 bestseller

I'm over the moon!  After nearly ten years in the field, Dark Deceit has become a paid #1 bestseller in the Literary Medieval Criticism Amazon UK charts. I'm so thrilled about it. The idea of Dark Deceit was conceived at a small train station in south Wales, on my way to work at a local university. As I did medieval reenactment in those days, I thought to add my experiences to a novel, and Dark Deceit – a medieval romantic adventure – was born!  It's set in one of my favourite historical period, called The Anarchy by chroniclers. The name describes the period following the death of King Henry I of England in 1135 and the ascension of Henry II to the throne in 1154. The king's designated heir to the throne, his daughter, Matilda, young widow of the Holy Roman Emperor, did not leave her home in Normandy in a hurry to claim her inheritance.  This left her cousin Stephen of Blois to claim the title, as the nearest legitimate male in the royal line, and the support of man