Author KB Walker celebrates paperback release

Today, I welcome fellow Crooked Cat author KB Walker whose gripping, heartfelt contemporary novel, Once Removed, is now available in paperback.

Many congratulations, Kimm! Over to you...

A Mouse in a Cheese Factory

In 2009 I self-published my memoir, A Life Less Lost, because I had the opportunity to speak alongside a best-selling author and realised I didn’t have time to go through the submission and publication process. Demand for copies had grown through readings done at speaking engagements so I took a risk and did it myself. 

It worked. I had several print runs, made a tiny profit and gained the confidence to persevere with my novel. But it was hard work. Readers naturally don’t want to spend lots of money on an unknown author so to keep the price down the margins were cut to the bone. This meant it was impractical to sell through shops with the exception of a few independent local ones. Most of my sales were made in person and, encouragingly, through people coming back to buy more copies for family and friends.

When Crooked Cat Publishing accepted my novel, Once Removed, I was thrilled. It was published as an eBook in May and I began to learn a whole new set of promotional skills. It was brilliant to have the professional editing, cover design, set up and encouragement offered by the Crooked Cat team but it was still hard work. I feel like a mouse shouting in a cheese factory, in another language, waiting for a few crumbs to fall my way.

Crooked Cat is branching out into paperbacks and Once Removed is now available in that format. It’s also been given a stunning new cover and more mysterious blurb. Now, I can apply the skills I learned with the first book and have a second go at the social networking. With a pile of five star reviews to add to the mix, has my mouse been given a megaphone? 

Once Removed:
A silent cry for help…

Suspecting self-harm, newly qualified teacher, Abriella Garside, risks everything for a troubled pupil. An incident with a craft knife and unexplained injuries are not enough to secure help for the girl.

Unsure whether Beth is being bullied or has problems at home, Abby tries to win her trust and the two begin a friendship. But has the teacher gone too far?

In the midst of Abby’s own complicated life, Beth disappears. Rumour and suspicion ignite, fanned into an inferno with Abby at its heart.

Two lives hang in the balance.

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P.S.: No mice were harmed in the writing of this post...


  1. Thanks, Cathie, for letting me post on your blog. I love your PS.

  2. Good luck, Kim. That was a good thing you did to self-publish!

  3. Congrats on your new book release! Love your poetry and enjoy being connected with you via Destiny Poets!

  4. Thank you, Nancy and Gina, for stopping by. :-)


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