New Release: Family Lies by Louise Behiel

Today, I welcome author Louise Behiel who celebrates her latest release, Family Lies, a romantic suspense.

Many congratulations, Louise!

Now for some details...


What do you do when everything you value turns out to be false?

Kathryn Talbot couldn’t stay in the family home for another moment. Her husband had changed. He’d become distant and secretive. So she moved into an apartment and began to rebuild her life. But when her stepson voices concern about his father’s health, she agrees to convince him to see a doctor. When the diagnosis is early onset Alzheimer’s disease, she has no choice: she agrees to her husband’s request to return home and help him.
Eventually, the disease progresses beyond her ability to keep him safe at home, so she finds a secure and comfortable long term care facility for him.

His illness forces her to invite his partner, Eric Berecki, to return from Asia and take over the North American arm of the company. But when a quote for a private jet arrives at the office and an expensive diamond soon follows, she knows something is wrong. They don’t make enough to cover these costs. And don’t have the lifestyle to justify them.

Kathryn and Eric must work together to solve the mystery of the business. Her husband’s illness prevents them from asking him any questions. His death ensures they have to find the answers on their own. While trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, Kathryn learns that psychopaths come in many guises and that Family Lies destroy families.


“This package came for James.”
“For James?” Kathryn rose to her feet and crossed the room, hand extended. “Who’s it from?” she asked, looking at the courier’s slip. “New York?” Her eyes narrowed and brow furrowed. They didn’t buy anything from the Big Apple. She hadn’t been there and doubted if James had done more than fly in and out again.
“Thanks.” She turned the package over. “Do you have any idea what it is?”
The manager shook her head. “Not a one. The boss rarely got personal deliveries at the office. And certainly never one delivered by a bonded courier.”
“What?” Eric joined the women at the door of the office. “What’s going on?”
“The guy looked like this was pretty serious. When I told him Mr. Talbot wasn’t here, he asked for my name and identification, which he verified against some list he carried. Then he let me sign for the package.”
“Well, whatever it is, he thought it was important. It’s probably a free clock from some magazine James ordered.” She turned from the door and began to cross the carpet, “although I can’t imagine any company taking this long to send him something.”
She rustled around in the top drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors. “Let’s see what little present we received today.”
A moment later, she pulled an invoice from the package and gasped. “Obviously there’s been a mistake.” She took another look at the paper in her hand, then turned to the others, and slid the invoice to them.
“Amber’s? This is a bill from Amber’s? In New York?” Elaine’s squeaky tones showed all their surprise.
“I can’t wait to see what’s in here that’s worth.” Eric took another look at the bill and his voice raised an octave as well, “Seventy-five thousand dollars?”
“Somebody’s going to lose their job for delivering this to the wrong place.” Kathryn shook the small box out of the packing box and tore open the bubble wrap that protected it.
“Who knew Amber’s would ship something this valuable? That’s unbelievable.”
Eric shrugged. “Not really. You’d be surprised at what goes through couriers.”
Kathryn pulled out the small velvet box from within. “Look at how small the box is. It must be a ring.” She flipped open the lid and felt her jaw drop. “My God. Do people actually wear things like this?”
A huge radiant cut diamond solitaire winked at her from the dark red velvet.
“Must have been some magazine subscription,” Eric said looking over her shoulder, his warm breath sizzling across her neck.
“I’ve never seen a diamond that size.” Elaine’s eyes were huge. “Take it out and try it on, Kathryn. If James ordered it, the ring’s got to be for you.”
No way James would have bought something like this for her. She had never worn much jewelry, as evidenced by her wide gold wedding band and the fourteen carat chain around her neck.
But what woman could resist an egg-sized diamond, she wondered as she lifted it from its secure setting.

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  1. I LOVED Behiel's first book "Family Ties" so you can bet I grabbed this new one right away. Can't wait to read it.

    I'm always on the lookout for romantic suspense reads so I'll be checking out your titles too, Cathie.

    1. Thank you very much, Roxy. :-)

      I'm only now discovering Louise's books, so I'm lagging behind here. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sounds very intriguing! I, too, enjoyed Family Ties and I've no doubt Louise has spun another great tale!

    1. Glad you like the excerpt, Michelle. Thank you for stopping by. :-)

  3. I enjoyed this excerpt, Louise. I enjoyed Family Ties, and Family Lies is already on my wish list.

    1. Thanks Gerri. here's hoping your wish is fulfilled.

  4. Intriguing blurb, Louis. I've got Family Lies on my TBR pile and can't wait to read it. Are there more books planned for the series?

    1. one more, for sure, Sheila. I'm in the middle of the messy first draft but had to put it aside for my Bandit Creek novella.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I'm delighted you enjoyed Louise's excerpt. :-)

  6. thanks for having me Cathie. well done


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