Autumn in Carcassonne

Over the last week, we've had a friend staying with us and showed her our new home town of Carcassonne. What a brilliant opportunity to explore this fabulous place again...
Carcassonne (c) CD
Apart from the obligatory visit to 'la cité' (the citadel), much of which was rebuilt in the 19th century after it had become abandoned, we also explored the 'ville basse', the lower town, and drove to the beautiful medieval market town of Mirepoix in the Ariège – on a bustling market day!

Carcassonne is the ideal place for a wander, the odd glass of wine or two, and delicious food. We visited a few restaurants that we hadn't been to before, and we enjoyed our time just as if we were on holiday, too.

During our walkies, we also visited the 'chateau comtal', the inner sanctum of the citadel, the castle of the old counts of Carcassonne, built on a much older structure dating back to pre-medieval times. You meander through the rebuilt towers and turrets, and cross a number of inter-connecting wall walks, and to a small exhibition of historic items found on site or in the area. These include Roman gravestones, Visigoth and Merovingian sarcophagi, and medieval statues and crosses. There is so much more to Carcassonne's history than the best known bit: the Cathars.

One of our highlights was a walk to the banks of the river Aude (which had flooded the previous week, leaving much destruction and damage in its wake in nearby towns and villages, but Carcassonne avoided the worst floods) – at dusk! The sun was setting, and an almost full moon rose over the battlements. In the changing light, we took some incredible photos.

Oh, and to get you into the mood, read an excerpt of my current work in progress, Love Lost in Time, a time-slip mystery set in Carcassonne, here!

And if you're ever in the south of France, do not miss out this gem of a place. So much history to explore. And wine! I hope you enjoy my photos.
Sunset over the Aude river
All images (c) Cathie Dunn 2018. All rights reserved.


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