Historical vs Contemporary Mystery

After several years of playing around with historical WIPs (at home and in writing courses), I finally completed and submitted a ms in the winter. Of course, the subbed version varied much from the first drafts; even the storyline took a different turn than originally intended. But it all worked in its favour. As it's been 14 weeks since I submitted, I'm going to wait another two before I send a query email. I just want to know what's going to happen with it. Yes, patience is not one of my strong points, I'm afraid...

Since January, I've been working on re-editing an older WIP which is 2/3 completed. Thankfully, my eagle-eyed crit girls seem to like it so I hope to move forward quickly with it and get it finished by the summer when my daily workload's going to explode for three months.

But during a recent trip to the continent, I travelled with a group of three old friends by car to Austria. On the journey back after a couple of fun, but a bit hectic days, we all were more quiet and tired. While one friend read the printed-off version of my completed ms (she said she really loved it, though she'd never read a historical before. She was so hooked so she read it in 3 days! ~bounce~), I took out my notepad and started a story I'd thought about on the flight out. A modern mystery/thriller.

I know there's a lot I've yet to research - secret service stuff, guns, etc - but I'm excited about this new project. I regularly read contemporary thrillers, so hopefully my structure will work out fine.

As it's a nice day out there, and the laptop screen likely to glare and be unreadable, I'm going to take my notepad and continue with this one today. Makes a nice change to the unruly Middle Ages.

Happy Sunday, folks! :-)


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