Hurrah! Spring has arrived!

Dare we hope?

Barely 10 days ago we had a sudden freeze with several inches of snow, and Easter was a complete washout. Not that I had a chance to notice, having to work Good Friday and Easter Monday. But it was a shame for friends who wanted to go camping. Soggy fields and mudbaths are not the signs of a good weekend away.

But finally the tide appears to have turned. The last few days turned milder. And it stayed dry! I know! I could scarcely believe it either. :-)

Today has begun sunny, with a few fluffy clouds scattered across the sky. So far so good. Time to get the washing on, to hang outside. And this lovely spell is said to continue. So DH and I will spend some time in our garden. Last year, we did this a few weeks earlier but our long, cold winter made my poor plants shiver. And a couple even died.

I think today will be the day to visit the garden centre, and to fill our small square outside with colour. There's nothing more uplifting than a garden in bloom, full of sunshine.

I hope everyone else also has a chance to enjoy spring. :-)


  1. I think it's much the same across the northern hemi. Spring sprang here around 26 March, just in time for Daffodil Day. But now they're blooming in their gajillions! And it's warm out. Mid 70Fs at least. And I hear ya on the gardening thing. We have a bare section at the gate we want to plant with something before family come in 4 weeks. Maybe we'll get the plants for that today. Hmm... Either way. Nice day to troll around the garden center (with the other million people who think the same) and go for a spin. Enjoy your great weather!

  2. Thank you, Kemberlee. Our garden centre was teeming yesterday morning and as I drove off, a whole row of cars came in. Glad I escaped when I did!

    Enjoy your garden centre trip! I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspirations (probably too many!) for the bare section in your garden. ;-)


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