A Day in the Ancient Kingdom of Fife

We took our car for a leisurely ride along the coastal route to St Andrews. Starting mid-morning, we had plenty of time. The sun was shining, temperatures warn, our obligatory bottles of water, and off we went.

Shortly after the Forth Road Bridge, we turned off after the North Queensferry exit (we've been there several times) and the rolling Fife countryside surrounded us. We took our time, ambling along windy roads - and no, I did not hold faster people up! (Bugbear of mine, so I don't do it to others. LOL)

The one place that struck us as lovely was Aberdour so we decided to stop on a country walks car park. Bottles in hand, we wandered off aimlessly, along the cliffside, towards the small town. And what a picturesque place it is. Immediately our thoughts went to finding a place to rent or even buy here. The small beach was clean, as were all the streets. Coming from dirty Edinburgh roads, we were in heaven. We explored the narrow lanes, and fell in love with the town. We'll be back.

After an hour's wandering about, we returned to the car and moved onwards, passing some less salubrious places along the way (nope, no names - that would be unkind!). A little further east, we came back to small hamlets with stunning views over the sea, backed by rolling fields of green and yellow. That, coupled with the clear blue sky, was wonderful to the eye.

Finally, we arrived at St Andrews, found a parking spot and went to a pub for the best fish n chips we had in years. Can't remember the name of the place but the staff were mega-friendly and the food & drink excellent. We shall return! In fact, we did already, after our visit to St Andrews Cathedral, or rather the ruins thereof. Stunning, peaceful, tranquil. Oh, and somehow we managed to squeeze in a walkie to a beach where we sat on a large boulder, watching people, waves and seabirds. Bliss!

A nice enough place for a day trip, very studenty. And a lovely, rustic pub!

A perfect day out!


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