My cover!

Ooohh, just my design for the cover for Highland Arms - and it's gorgeous! :-)

I love the dark atmosphere, the stunning scenery (water and hills with threatening cloud), and of course the well-formed hunk in a kilt. The way the images blend into each other is just so clever. And the font is perfect. My thanks to Nicola Martinez, the incredibly talented cover artist at TWRP.

So... what do you think?

C xx


  1. It is a GREAT cover, I agree. Very brooding and dark, and sensual too.

    Hope the editing's going well. Did you ever manage to work out how to make your hero less 'nasty' - I think you said - in those scenes?

  2. Thank you, Jane. Glad you like it.

    Haven't started editing yet. Want to wait for the editor to send me her suggestions before I make any changes but I've had a few thoughts. Hope to get stuck in soon.
    Don't want readers to think he's Nasty Rory! lol

  3. That is a fantastic cover! I know you must be pleased as punch.

  4. Thank you, Bianca. Yes, I'm over the moon about it. :-)

  5. Lovely!!! And I love the look of your blog. Nice.

  6. Thank you, Catherine and Taryn. Glad you like it. :-)


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