The Big Trip across the Pond

Well, I'll get to our trip of a lifetime shortly but first an update on Highland Arms - soon I'll be jumping into round 2 of edits. Can't wait to get stuck in again although I'm just at a crucial point in my current WIP - where the MMC is called home to Normandy, leaving England at a crucial point in time. Have started to dig out my 'research photos' (aka holiday snaps) from Normandy and Perche to get back into the setting.

But both jobs are going to be slow for three weeks - as hubby and I are heading to the US of A! :-)

Next week we're going to fly to New York where we'll stay five days. Plenty to see so we'll be busy. Then it's 'go west' as we head for Oregon, to stay in the town of Medford, visiting my aunt. We have never met so there's lots to catch up on. Three days later we travel onwards, to Boise, Idaho. There - for the first time since we got in contact in October 2010 - I'll meet my half-sister. Both visits will be quite emotional, and utterly amazing.

From Boise we'll head north-west, staying in Seattle for two nights before we'll end our journey in Vancouver, Canada. This is a personal highlight for me as I first craved (yes indeed, craved!) a visit in 1984. I wanted to see where Bryan Adams lived!!! :p

We're excited about our trip, as you can imagine. We have already organised 'hop on, hop off' buses for NYC, a visit to the Metropolitan Opera and a NBA match in Madison Square Gardens. We'll visit foodie places and wineries in Oregon and Idaho, plus some gorgeous countryside; explore Seattle's culinary highlight, Pike Place Market; and finish it all off in style when we're going to watch the Canucks play in Vancouver. And flurry of snow wouldn't come amiss at all.

Culture, sports, food & drink - we'll try it all, and more. I'm sure we'll find plenty of other things to explore when we're there.

The countdown is on!!!


  1. Wow, what a great trip you have ahead of you. Happy holidays to you both!

  2. Thank you very much, Marit. We're very excited.


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