Another step closer!

I'm another step closer to the release of Highland Arms. :-)

With us being away for so long (did we really spend three weeks in North America?), my 2nd round of edits was delayed. So finally they've gone back to my editor. Hopefully she likes my suggestions as much as I liked hers, and the final round will be a quick one.

I should hear back from her in the next 3-4 weeks. Once I've then done the final read-through I hope to get my release date. Very excited. The cover is so gorgeous that I can't wait to see it in the online shops.


I'm now back to my current work in progress, A Norman Legacy. The research on 12th C Perche (west of Normandy) proves intriguing. My MMC's name developed from 'Geoffrey who' to 'Geoffrey de Mortagne' after I spotted the lovely county but I discovered much later that a real man of that name, an ancestor of the counts of Perche, existed who lived a few decades prior to my invented Geoffrey. I hope the experts on the counts of Perche don't mind me using it. :-)

Reading up again about the counts makes me want to return to Normandy and Perche. We spent a wonderful holiday there some years ago. Maybe next year...


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