Music, or no Music?

This morning, after completing a couple of critiques in the living room, I took my Macbook to my home office (aka our spare bedroom), plugged it in, started off my writing programme and clicked on Spotify, the volume on low. Medieval music to go with my medieval WIP. Perfect! It worked before.

But not today.

After my 3rd attempt at reading through the last scene I'd written I gave up. I closed Spotify. Fact was I simply couldn't focus on the words. Not that I listened to the lyrics instead - I don't know them. I just found the sound distracting.

So what do you prefer when writing? Music? With or without lyrics? Or complete silence?

Well, apart from cats meowing, that is... ;-)


  1. I like silence myself. I prefer to read the notes I've taken when I've had those few Ah-ha moments throughout the day and try to put it into words...


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