Saying goodbye is tough

No, not saying goodbye to my lovely followers, but to my grandmother. At the wonderful age of 91, with nearly all her faculties intact - apart from unstable feet - my grandmother has decided to depart this world for a better place.

It would have been lovely for her to see me published but she knew it was close. Well, I'm sure she's already busy keeping an eye on us. After all, now she's not 1,000 miles away but, well, everywhere she fancies.

She waited until Lent, a few days after a visit from the local priest bringing her the Communion. The time was right. So of course, the Resurrection is a poignant topic for her funeral. She would approve! :-)

Hubby and I are going to head across to Germany to help my mother co-ordinate the funeral, give my grandmother a proper sending off, and remember the good times over a glass of bubbly after coffee and cakes. We'll be surrounded by our lovely friends.

'Oma' will be much missed. Sundays just won't be the same without the usual "Hello, what are you up to?" And who will take her place in asking why - oh, why - do we live so far away?

Yes, we'll shed a good few tears, especially when the Ave Maria sounds during service. Last time we hears it sung was at our German wedding do, with 'Oma' in the front row, a big smile on her face.


PS Waterproof mascara is packed! As are tissues. And the big sunglasses.


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