Full stop.

No, actually Norman Legacy didn't end on a full stop. It ended with a question mark. But to get to the point...

I completed it! ~bounce~

Murder. Politics. Lust. Revenge. Loss. Love. It's all here. This story, a historical novel set in Gloucestershire and Normandy in 1141, had its humble beginnings at a South Wales train station, a few weeks after we took the car to Gloucester and Hereford on a day trip, passing through the Welsh Borders on the way. The area is stunningly beautiful and full of history, dotted with castles, ruins, abbeys and cathedrals. No surprise I was inspired.

The first few chapters received positive critiques from members at Writelink, and later, after our move to Scotland, I re-wrote the lot during my Novel Writing course, including a switch of the later setting to Normandy following our holiday there (see previous posts about how incredible Normandy is). But then I hit the brick wall. The words stopped.

In a way that was a blessing in disguise - it gave me time to write Highland Arms. ;-)

So once that was out of the way, so to speak, I dug out Norman Legacy again last autumn. Needless to say, the story took off. The characters journeyed from Gloucester via Barfleur, Caen and Falaise to Mortagne in the county of Perche, the home town of my male main character, Geoffrey. They met queens, earls, counts and innkeepers on the way. It was a pleasure creating their trip, as it allowed me to dig out photos and research the history of these places. The only fly in the ointment was - it was too far away from Gloucester for the characters to return there in time before the end of the book. LOL

So there will be a sequel! There is so much more to write about Alleyne and Geoffrey, and the brutal realities of life during the so-called 'Anarchy'; the political games of changing allegiances; the emergence of ambitious men switching sides at the blink of an eye. Inheritances are lost, and re-gained. Loyalties are tested to the limit.

But before I continue the saga, I'll have to find a publisher. I want to see this baby in print! My goal is to find an agent who can do this on my behalf. So a thorough round of edits is about to follow. Wish me luck!

But first, hubby and I are going out for a meal tomorrow, celebrating the latest completion.



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