Calling published Authors - it's all about Location!

It's nearly 20th October - that means Highland Arms has been on the market for three months! I know, time flies! ;-)

So, in order to celebrate properly, I thought I'll give other published authors of romantic, crime and historical fiction a chance to showcase their releases, under one condition ... they have to tell us about one aspect we don't read about often enough: the location of their novels.

Prepare for 'My Place'!

Location, for me, is an integral part of writing. It is the first thing I choose, and the storylines develop from there. I've been fortunate in travelling across some incredibly beautiful and haunting places. Glencoe, Loch Ness, Argentan, Mont St Michel, Welsh Borders... all areas that inspire me to set my novels there. But now I want to know about your places...

So, as of Sunday 23rd October 2011, I'll give one published author the chance to showcase your novel by telling us why you chose a particular setting. That place can be a region, a town, a village, or even a building (castles and manor houses spring to mind). We want to know what inspired you to choose that particular place, or how you created it. Posts will be published weekly, on a Sunday.

You'll be able to add an introduction (about yourself), a blurb, an excerpt and links to where readers can buy your book. Just email me at cathiedunn (at) gmail (dot) com with your preferred date.

Oh, and I'll be posting about the location for Highland Arms on 20th October, to mark the 3-month occasion.

So, who's game? ;-)


  1. Count me in! I'd love to talk about the inspiration and setting for my Victorian historical, The Arrival of Lily Curtis.

    I'll wait to hear from you. Any Sunday is fine!

    Rachel x

  2. You're in, Rachel! Thanks a lot! I'll be in touch shortly.

    Cathie x

  3. Hi Cathie, I'd love to showcase my novel, Shattered, which is set in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1917. The location is integral to the story. During both World Wars, Halifax played a vital role as the Eastern point of departure for Allied troops and supplies headed for Europe. On December 6, 1917, a collision between two ships in Halifax Harbour touched off what is still the largest non-atomic, non-atomic explosion in recorded history. The story takes place in the months leading up to the explosion, when the lives of the characters are changed forever.

  4. Thank you, Jennie! Your setting sounds fascinating. Please email me at cathiedunn(at)gmail(dot)com with your preferred date and some more information about yourself and your novel. I'll then get back to you. :-)

    Looking forward to reading more about Shattered.


  5. Sounds like a great idea. Me too, please?!

  6. Thank you, Kemberlee and Scarlett. Very happy to have you both on board! :-)

    Please email me with your preferred dates and I'll send you the info sheet for completion.

    Looking forward to discovering your settings.


  7. Count me in too, with my novel "The Lady's Slipper."

  8. Fabulous, Deborah! Looking forward to it. :-)

  9. What a great idea! I have multiple novels set in Pittsburgh--I'd love to do it any week that's convenient for you.

    Alana Lorens

    lyndialexander at gmail dot come

  10. Sounds fantastic, Alana. What a fascinating setting! :-)

  11. Hi Cathie - I wondered if I could be included in this great idea (no worry if you have enough people already). My historical intrigue is set in Regency London (including Vauxhall Gardens) and Brighton.

  12. Hi Rosemary, lovely of you to join us. I love intrigue!

    Please email me at cathiedunn at gmail dot com with preferred dates and I'll send you a form.

    Looking forward to it. :-)

  13. What a lovely place in which to set a novel, Cathie. It reminds me of Mary Stewart's fantastic novels. I'd love to contribute when a spot comes down the track.

  14. It would be wonderful to have you join us, Maggi. Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Feel free to email me about your preferred dates. :-)

  15. A generous offer. Count me in please. On Any Sunday!

  16. That's fab, Vonnie. Absolutely! :-)

  17. Hi Cathie,
    I'd love to be included too, I am published in historical romance. Any Sunday would suit me. The 1st world war is my favourite era to write about.


    Margaret Tanner

  18. This sounds like a great idea, Cathie! I'd definitely be interested. Most of my stories include scenes set in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1863. It's a place I love to visit and would love to talk about the inspiration behind that setting.

  19. I'd love to take part. I have a new historical romance "Eulogy's Secret" coming out in November and I'd appreciate the opportunity to chat about the book's location.
    My blog is
    Please contact me at
    grace (dot) elliot (at) virginmedia (dot) com
    thanks so much,
    Grace x

  20. Any Sunday is good for me. This is a terrific idea as "place" often drives the entire idea for a novel for me.

    judynickles at gmail dot com

  21. Cathie, count me in. Any Sunday works for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Margaret, Susan Grace, Judy and Cara

    Thank you all so much for joining us. The next couple of months are almost fully booked up but I'll be happy to add any in the new year.

    Please email me at cathiedunn at gmail dot com for details, with suggestions of dates. I'll be contacting those who have left email addresses.

    I'm looking forward to learning about your settings. :-)

  23. Hello ladies!

    Just a quick update - still catching up, so please bear with me. Dates are now available from late January onwards. :-)

    Can't wait!

  24. Hello ladies,

    Would those who have expressed an interest please email me (cathiedunn at gmail dot com) if you still wish to take part at some point? I've posted up a list of authors on the right - we're now almost booked up to March! ;-)

    So many authors, so many fab locations! Thank you! :-)


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