Dark Deceit - due out in spring 2012

I'm so excited! Dark Deceit, part 1 of 'The Anarchy' trilogy, will be released in spring 2012 through Crooked Cat publishing! Crooked Cat is a new ebook publisher based in the UK.

Dark Deceit weaves a tale of murder, changing loyalties, betrayal and hope. Set in Gloucestershire, England and Perche, Normandy, Geoffrey de Mortagne, undersheriff and staunch supporter of the Empress Matilda, returns from the Battle at Lincoln to witness an attack on a knight. During his investigations, he meets the knight's young daughter and offers his help. Keen to return to Matilda's side following King Stephen's capture, he is torn between duty and a promise he gave to a dying man.

Left to defend her manor, Alleyne de Bellac accepts Geoffrey's assistance. But when she summons an old friend of her father's, she discovers how swiftly loyalties can change. Her life in danger, Alleyne must decide who to trust. In the end, will she trust the right man?

Discover England and Normandy divided by a brutal civil war, where oaths are broken and lives are worth little. But there is still hope...

I'm currently working on the edits but I can't wait to see this novel published after it began life at a small train station in South Wales some 8 years ago.

~happy dance~


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