Pre-Christmas cheer and memories

Are you in Christmas mood yet? I am, even though there's not a snowflake in sight.

Our Christmas shopping done early this morning, we just managed to escape the (unsurprisingly unhappy) crowds arriving to do the same. Now we can relax. Off to see the in-laws near Loch Ness tomorrow for a couple of nights - and dinner / Christmas lunch, then back home in time for Christmas eve.

This year marks the first Christmas I won't hear from my Gran. She quietly passed away on 17th March, aged 91.

So to honour her memory, I decided to bake for Christmas - for us, my mum, and my in-laws. Now, this doesn't happen every year. I'm no domestic goddess. But preparing everything for the cookies and cake, over several hours, and watch them take shape, was fun. Apart from discovering that I'd made the wrong dough for the type of cookies I wanted to bake. Hey ho! ;-)

So I made buttery biscuits, covered in chocolate or icing, sprinkled with Hundreds & Thousands instead of the ones I love, with marzipan, walnuts and chocolate coating. Next year...

I also baked 'lebkuchen' - not quite gingerbreads but similar, with diced nuts, raisins, cocoa and again, coated with chocolate or icing.

OK, I admit it. I love icing. Following the mess I created with home made icing (not that horrible, gooey stuff you buy in tubes!), I picked all the drops of dried icing from the plate. Nom nom!

Finally, yesterday I baked my Gran's famous red wine cake - with red wine (yes!) and chocolate sprinkles. Finished it off earlier with a delicious chocolate coating & choccie sprinkles. Yes, again, you've guessed it. I love chocolate! :D

So I thought I'd share a few pics of my home made goodies. I'm quite proud of myself. Wouldn't win me any cooking competitions (I'd easily run out of time to start with) but I'm happy. As is hubby!

So, I wish you all a Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a relaxed, joyful holiday season. Celebrate with the ones you love and cherish the memories of those you've lost!

Cathie xxx


  1. Well done for baking so much! I used to make a large Christmas cake every year but I gave in and bought a locally hand made one. I will be cooking everything else though.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Isn't it strange to see Scotland so mild? Bring back the cold, although maybe not the ice and snow!

  2. Thank you, Rosemary. It was good fun, baking. Might just do it again next year. ;-)

    I miss the snow - only some on mountain tops - but with the fire going it's cosy indoors.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too.


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