Wish I was here...

Grouse Mountain
Today marks exactly a year since our return from our fabulous North America adventure. Visiting fab cities such as New York and Seattle, meeting my wonderful family in Idaho and Oregon for the first time (yes, very emotional) and enjoying the many varied impressions and sights along the way was quite an experience. But one place had the most impact on us and I wish I was there now... the city of Vancouver, Canada.

On this day one year ago we left Vancouver and we still miss it. The different, yet familiar culture drew us in (have I mentioned the Canucks?). It's the top spot on our list of places we'd love to live.

Wish I was here now...

Vancouver, CA

But today also marks the release of Janice Horton's fab new novel, Reaching for the Stars, the story of Chef Finn McDuff who goes into self-imposed exile following a high flying career. Join Janice's blog party for a chance to win one of several lovely prizes: Janice Horton blog

Discover for yourself where Finn is hiding! Reaching for the Stars is available from Amazon UK & Amazon US - take advantage of the special launch prices, perfect timing if you're looking for a great holiday read or Christmas gift!


  1. I was in Vancouver and I loved the city. I got out before it turned cold though!

  2. This crazy Canuck fully understands why you'd love to be in Vancouver, although I've never been there myself.

  3. Looks like a lovely place to be.
    I chose Canada too, but I have never been.


  4. Eliza, it was chilly outside but warm in the pubs and bars. ;-)

    Melanie - yayy! ~waves~ We watched Canucks play (and lose) at Rogers Arena last year. Amazing experience.

    Carol, it's a stunning place, a fab city surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Worth a visit!

  5. I have first cousins in Vancouver and yet have never been there. It's always been somewhere I'd love to go though and, like you, to visit family would make it even more special. Your photo makes it looks very exciting and inticing indeed.
    A wonderful 'Wish I Was Here...' location Cathie!
    Love, Janice xx

  6. I'm dropping in on some of the other 'Wish I was here' bloggers! Canada is one of our favourite destinations and we've travelled through a lot of it - including Vancouver and Grouse Mountain. Lovely memories.

  7. Janice, what a fab release day you're having! I'm glad you like my location - so different from yours! One for summer, the other for winter, and I'd be happy. :-)

    Rosemary, your travels through Canada sound wonderful. We're keen to go back one day for more explorations. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Janice, congrats on your new release!

    Cathie, I love Vancouver, live in Seattle, and I'm from Idaho. Stop buy for a cuppa joe the next time you're in our neck of the woods!


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