My lovely blog award

Whoop!!! I have been awarded the popular Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by my wonderful friend and critique partner, talented romance writer Rachel Brimble. Thank you!

I'm delighted my blog keeps readers entertained - I try to bring in a variety of authors through my My Place series, with a new author featured every Sunday. In between, I waffle on about writing, cats, and my books. Lovely to receive a sweet reward for sharing my likes...

Now, as part of this award, I have to reveal 7 random things about myself. Uh oh! ;-)

Here goes:

  • I was raised as a single child by my single Mum who encouraged me to read a lot. We spent whole evenings just reading.
  • When I was 12, I took riding lessons during school holidays, and the coach wanted me to continue training to pursue a professional path. Mum said 'no'. End of that career!
  • I was an archer in a re-enactment group when I lived in South Wales for two years. Archers rock!
  • My dream place to live is Vancouver, Canada, but I'd miss medieval castles, cathedrals & the lot.
  • I got married on my 40th birthday, trying to hide that small, niggling fact behind all the wedding shenanigans. 
  • I met my wonderful American half-sister Tracy for the first time in 2010 during an emotional get together in Boise, Idaho. We had a blast! It won't be the last time.
  • I've written historical stories since I was a teenager but the evidence got lost in various house moves. Recently, I discovered a typed (remember type writers?) half-completed manuscript of a Regency romance I wrote some time ago. Going to revisit that story later this year.

Now to the seven lovely blogs I nominate for the awards. These ladies are all amazing authors, and I hope you enjoy following them as much as I do...

Elizabeth Moss

S.G. Rogers

Scarlett Valentine

Beth Trissel

Jacquie Rogers - Romancing the West

Caroline Clemmons

Karen Michelle Nutt - KMN Books

Now I'm off to have a slice of cake... cuppa tea, anyone?


  1. Thank you, Cathie, for the lovely compliments. I'm off to read "Dark Deceit"...

  2. Well, "hats off" to your mum she undeniably made a good job at raising you ; her daughter is a marvelous writer !!! and Congrats !!

  3. Thank you, Suzanne and BlackTulip. It was fun to pull those long forgotten details out of the bag. ;-)

    Suzanne, hope you enjoy the read! BlackTulip has kindly left me a wonderful review on Goodreads...

  4. Hey, Cathie, we'll have to have a booksigning in Boise sometime! You can arch and I can shoot in between readers. LOL.

    So what kind of stories did you read when you were 12? And your mum?


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