Writing Buddies - Our Boys

Skipping all that Valentine's Day mayhem (yet sticking to the 'cuddly' theme of the day), I thought I'd share my writing buddies with you. As I type, Tiger Cat is curled up on my lap. Yes, I'm kind of hovering forward to reach the keyboard. Luckily, a laptop is quickly shifted. ;-)

Bob the Cat
As I'm still at home (no news on day job in sight), I make the most of our spare bedroom / office. A small heater and cups of tea keep me cosy. And our boys, Bob the Cat and Tiger, join me at times. At other times, they're a pain in the proverbial! The mornings are usually calm, feeding time over they're snoozing. Bob's either on a window sill or his beloved cardboard box in the middle of the living room floor. Tiger loves to be near the little heater. Roast cat, anyone? ;-)

Tiger oblivious
We tend to wake up in the afternoon, however. You can guess what that means! Yes, push the door open & come in. I close the door. Cats want to leave room. I open and push door ajar again. Cats come in again, then running off towards living room & kitchen. Nope, we don't want out. Not yet anyway. 'Feed me'! I'm dishing out some foul smelling kittie food. Wet noses up in the air. Pah! Maybe I'll want out...

Opens door to garden. Cats standing in doorway. Should I? Should I not? Cold air seeping into house. Cats still pondering. Me pushing cats outside. Cats sulking!

I hunt!
But they're not the only furry buddies around. Our spare bedroom window overlooks a stable yard, and one horse in particular keeps an eye on us. The cats and Horsey have regular chats. Wish I could understand them. Probably cursing the Scottish weather... or ranting about me!

Hubby and I would love a dog, though. My mum's German shepherd brought much fun into the house a year ago. He still bears a scar on his nose where Bob the Cat caught him... maybe not such a good idea! ;-)

Cogito ergo sum!
A rare moment of harmony on a rare sunny day



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