Young Adult author J. Lilley visiting My Place

I'm delighted to welcome another Scotland-based author, J. Lilley, author of young adult series, The Shalean Moon.

Over to Jo...

Hi there, my name is J. (call me Jo, I like the sound of that) Lilley. I write Young Adult stories.
I live in Scotland, on the edge of a forest, with my husband and two cats. 

Our children have long gone to make their way in the world, which at times has made for great holidays when we've visited them.

I admit I'm a travel-oholic. Other people cringe at the thought of packing, flying me, half the fun is in the planning. I make lists, pour over guidebooks and maps, and load my ereader. (Have ereader will travel, I now have space for clothes in my suitcase.) Our kids all did gap years. We are doing gap-weeks. 

My Place:
My stories are set in the Trossachs, the most beautiful, underestimated and little known area of Scotland.

It has wildlife, lochs, glens, mountains, trees, and stunning views, but in a relatively compact area. To say nothing of mysteries, history and now Shalean shape shifters.

Oh, and discerning tourists.

To stand on top of a hill, look into the valley, and hear the silence is amazing. Beautiful and yes spiritual. Many years ago, I stood on top of The Great Wall of China ( yes, sorry bragging) and listened to the silence. It made me understand why people worshiped mountains. The Trossachs in its own way, can give you that perfect feeling of peace and harmony.

Accepted, published on August 3rd, is book 3 in The Shalean Moon series. It is also in print with book one, Discovered, and book two, Renounced, under the title Beginnings, The Shalean Moon. They are aimed at teens and above.

Each book can be read as a stand alone, but reading them in sequence, I think adds to the story.

When Sam finally asked Andy out, little did he know what he had let himself in for.
For Andy was not as he seemed; and Sam's life was to be turned upside down. 
Scary, dangerous and life threatening times awaited. 
Could he save his friends, and all they believed in, or would Sam walk away and leave them to their fate?

"Sam," Brios spoke to Sam again. "This evening is going to stretch your credulity, and make you wonder what the hell is going on. All I, all we, can ask, is you keep an open mind. You said you saw a fox? A silver fox?"
Sam nodded. He'd told them that, so he had no idea why they needed to hear it again, however, he thought he'd better speak.
"Yeah, twice. Why? Have there been a lot of sightings? Whereabouts?"
Brios laughed at his response.
"What do you know about a silver fox?"
Why is he answering a question with a question?
"Other than I've seen it twice today? Nothing. Should I know something?"
"In some legends it's a sign of a shifter."
"Pardon?" Do I sound as confused as I feel. Definitely something in the water. And everyone else, even Andy is just sitting there, not at all worried Brios sounds as if he's stepped off the Twilight or True Blood set. Scary. Think I'll just smile and nod.
He did.
Shit! Was that a growl from Brios? And he's baring his teeth like a…"Look." He tried for a reasonable tone, hoping his voice didn't shake and nobody could see the metaphorical knocking of his knees together.
"I really have no idea what you're talking about. Who or what is shifting? Define a shifter. Do you mean like in those paranormal books there's so many of about now?" Sam asked in what he hoped was a neutral, 'just asking' tone.  "They're just books aren't they, not real life. I saw a fox, or so I thought. Twice. Both times today, not before today. And that's it. The only shifting I know is furniture or when we move between rooms at school." He could have sworn he heard a muttered "Yeah I said that as well," from Rach, but didn't dare risk a glance at her. To him, Brios still looked like an annoyed—well—big cat. He'd never noticed how almond shaped and amber Brios' eyes could look. 
Cat-like. Very cat… like Leira's. Oh what the…
"So, er, I don't know what I'm supposed to say really."
Andy stood up and faced him. Sam found himself holding his breath. Why did he have the feeling that the next few minutes were going to be among the most important of his life?
"Sam," he began. "You need to suspend belief, and listen with your heart. Today you asked me to go out with you. Something we both want, something we've both wanted. I've been an ass, knowing I was gay; knowing I wanted you and not doing anything about it, because I knew there would be opposition. Not from friends and immediate family. But from my Shalean family, and enemies." He paused, and Sam saw the entreaty in his eyes. He stood up as well, and moved to stand beside Andy. He had no idea why he did, just that it seemed the thing to do.
"Shalean? Your mum was a McRae. I'm lost." He watched as Andy shrugged his shoulders; Sam touched Andy's shoulder in what he hoped was recognized as a gesture of support. He watched, as Andy's hand lifted to cover his, very briefly, before he turned to look at Brios in what seemed like entreaty.

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  1. Great post and sounds like a great book too!

    1. Thank you, Cherie. It does indeed.

      Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  2. Thanks for inviting me Cathie.

    1. You're very welcome, Jo. Great to have you here. Love your photos. We've stopped off in several places on our way to/from the in-laws near Loch Ness. Stunning area.

      This week, we're heading north again, and on the way back stay overnight near Loch Lomond for the first time. Think we'll have some more exploring to do. Taking the camera! :-)

  3. To look at a beautiful view and be able to listen to the silence is, I think, the most beautiful gift that one can ever receive, thank you for your inspiring post ^_^ best of luck with your book !

    1. You're spot on, BlackTulip. I love the silence you find in hills. Very invigorating.

  4. hHank you Black Tulip. I feel blessed. And CAthie, If you have time, head to Balmaha on the eastern Shore. tho TBh Stronachlachar on Loch Katrine, and Craig Mhor above Aberfoyle are truly inspiring as well

    1. Thanks for the tips. I'll check them out. I've been to Aberfoyle, but not walked the hills there. More places to explore. Yayy! :-)

  5. Having read book 1 and 2 I can say I am hooked. Love the fact that J.Lilley sets her stories in her own back yard!

    1. I haven't read them yet but they're going on my TBR list. Personally, I find it much easier describing scenery I know well. The readers can sense a difference.

  6. Great excerpt and I love your book cover.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and a little bit about where you was alike a mini vacation for me. Would love to visit your side of the world some time!

    1. You should come over, Christine. Lots of fabulous scenery here. :-)

  7. Hello Lilley. Love your setting, Trossachs. Great excerpt. I like that you write YA in third person past tense which is less jarring for most readers (including the young) than first person present.

  8. THank you everyone. Kathleen i'm just their voice, they tell me what is happening.
    Christine, this is a beautiful part of the world.
    Yazmin, I'm lucky. i have a great excuse to down Lap top and go for a walk. Research!
    Today, I'll need my wellies, or webbed feet.


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