80s Revival - Whoohoo!

Hands up, those, who remember shoulder pads, leg warmers, big hair and massive earrings!

We might not remember all of those things fondly – I cringe in horror at photos of me at the time – but they've etched themselves into our collective memory. And with big shoulder pads came big purses. Big spending was 'in'. Business in Germany boomed back then (the good days prior to expensive unification and the ill-fated Euro), and popular US movies and series ruled our screens.

Buff - if rather brainless – heroes in fast-paced action movies, ditzy heroines in happily-ever-after rom coms, and shrewd money-makers in films taking on the big business theme of the day, often in ironic portrayal (though not always understood that way).

Then there were the big TV series. Dallas and Dynasty reigned supreme on our small screen. Yes, we had to get up to change channels, and no timer reminded us a show was starting. No remote control in our house back then. It was called, memory. You knew what was on at a certain time. I must admit that, nowadays, I'd be lost without the 'Sky planner'...

So here we are, some thirty years later (~gulp~): a new century, the hair's straight, clothes are snug fitting, earrings tend to be a little smaller (though not much), spending is curtailed as everything is overpriced – and Dallas is back on our small screens whilst 80s style action movies are remade or rehashed.

I only watched, I think, the first two or three series of Dallas, turning into an avid Dynasty fan instead for a few years. Both series ran for way too long, the plots became more convoluted, the actors looked more confused. I lost interest.

Watching the opening episode of the new series of Dallas last night, I must say, against my initial skepticism, I really enjoyed it. Great plot twists, plenty of scope for affairs, intrigues and everyone against the other. Perfect material for a novel, says the writer in me. I'm thrilled three of the major stars are back, thirty years older, but still very much 'in character'. But I do love young John Ross. What a cool baddie, perfectly portrayed! I tend to prefer the baddies, in books and films. Can't wait for next week!

Yesterday, I also watched a remake of 1990 movie, Total Recall. Not an Arnie fan, I never really liked the original, but I enjoyed very much the remake. Fast-paced, a flawed hero, feisty females and a few minute references to the original. Great stuff!

But the highlight of the day was definitely Dallas. I was a little apprehensive about the 'new blood' in the series, but now I'm hooked. Even Sue-Ellen's big earrings looked stylish!

But I'm relieved to see they left the shoulder pads in the closet...


  1. I loved it too!! Not much fun with Mr B beside me huffing and puffing and generally trying to make me change channels, but still, a great opening episode. Hope Dallas goes from strength to strength once more!

    Biggest shock for me was Lucy - I thought she'd always stay young, lol!

    Rachel x

    1. I know what you mean. Lucy appeared on screen and I went, "Eh?" lol

      Yes, I hope the rest can live up to the first one.

      Thanks for stopping by, lovely. x

  2. I'm going to sound like the poor relation here. Don't know exactly when the original Dallas hit UK TV but I didn't watch it,though friends did. My sister-in-law pitied me badly in 1974 when I got married. We were as poor as church mice, but chose not to have a TV for a couple of years. She thought I was from MARS because I wasn't following it!

    1. We only got a colour telly quite late - whilst our friends & family all had one already. Same with VCR. Mind you, our old b/w set came with a remote, connected through a long cable. Cats loved it, the cable.

      Thanks for popping in, Nancy! :-)


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