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Today, I welcome erotic romance author Raine Delight to My Place. Discover Devon Falls, the fabulous setting for her paranormal romance series, published with Secret Cravings!

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can dream.  Raine loves to fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story that tells her readers about love and romance.

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My Place:

Devon Falls is a small town, a place where paranormals and humans work, live and fall in love. I used my memories of living in a small town to base Devon Falls on. I attached a few pictures that I used for inspiration. Devon Falls has rolling hills with the town nestled in the center of it and lots of places for these paranormal creatures to go unwind, shift if necessary and be their natural self.

This is Letchworth State Park, here in New York what is called the Grand Canyon of the North:

Blurb: Moonlight & Magic (Devon Falls 5)
Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?

Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger and is tired of roaming around the world, alone. Meeting his destined mate was unexpected as well. Dixie Sinclair was fun, sexy and everything he feels he doesn’t deserve. The past has a way of coloring a person’s life and it’s up to Michael to show Dixie that he is the one to hold her heart.

Once outdoors, Dixie did up her jacket and watched as the moon glowed brightly. She was annoyed at how Damien thought she needed a babysitter walking two blocks home. Men were idiots who thought women needed to be protected, she thought as she enjoyed the quiet night and waited for Michael, the man who stirred her senses into over boiling. Down girl, you are not going to be jumping the man’s bones so get a grip. You have B.O.B at home to help with that, she thought when he fell into step next to her. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him. He was a walking, talking sex bomb, and she was itching to touch every inch of him.

Dixie tried to shake the sense of something changing inside her even as he finally turned towards her. The way his eyes settled on her had her panties damp and her blood beginning to simmer. It was like he was looking past the outer coverings into her soul—or he was just stripping her naked? That wouldn’t be so bad, actually. Smirking to herself, she started walking, trying to keep her hands inside her coat or she was going to do something very dangerous…like kiss the man to death.

Still, Dixie didn’t know what to do except try to make the best of it. It was only two blocks.

Surely she had enough will power to last that long. Yeah, right. She knew she was doomed as the scent of him, all male and spicy, teased her senses and had her swallowing hard. Oh god, I’m in deep trouble, she thought as they reached Main Street.


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Haunting Magic book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8G5qDzyllY

Red Hot Magic Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLZcr8ubIr8

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Secret Cravings Publishing: www.secretcravingspublishing.com


  1. Devon Falls sounds like an interesting place! Congrats to Raine on what looks to be a very interesting read.

  2. I'm moving to Devon Falls. ;) One of these days....
    Thanks for sharing an excerpt, Raine. Great blog, Cathie.


    1. LOL Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Destiny.

      Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. Thanks for having me Cathie.

    Thanks for dropping by Talli and Destiny. LOL I lost count at how many people have mentioned they are moving to Devon Falls. :-)

    Raine Delight

    1. You're very welcome! Looks like a fast growing place to me. ;-)


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